Every Way to Sell Rosé

Jul. 17, 2019


If you’ve been following our industry coverage for any stretch of time, then you know quite well that we’ve been analyzing the growing rosé category in a variety of ways: with a history lesson, selling tips, little-known rosé facts and more. 


According to the data, rosé continues to be one of the fastest-growing categories in wine. IRI data notes that the ultra-premium rosé/blush category is up 41% in dollars this year versus 2018, proving that consumers are not afraid to spend up for the quaffable summer beverage.


So, what continues to drive the rosé craze?


Our own experts note that while millennials are mostly responsible for kickstarting the rosé craze, consumers from all demographics now realize that rosé is pleasantly drinkable and inherently versatile with a variety of cuisines. Due to this, quality production of rosé wine has also dramatically increased. Rosé is no longer a winemaker’s afterthought, reduced to leftover juice that was sweetened and sold off in bulk.


Rosé is here to stay, and it now comes in a variety of ways.


We checked in with one of our experts—Breakthru Colorado’s Cardene Otsuka—to break down five of rosé’s top trending segments.




Cardene Otsuka, Breakthru CO’s Fine Wine Account Development Specialist: Ultimately, the consumer has realized that there is a rosé for everyone. The Provençal style (bone dry, crisp acid and salmon pink in color) still leads the pack with consumers. However, alternatives like Spanish rosado, garnacha-based ones that are darker in color with a bit more texture and fruitiness are also doing well, along with creamy California pinot noir-based rosés.




Otsuka: With the large amount of still rosés in the market, the perfect addition to your inventory is sparkling rosé. Rosé’s versatility with food pairing is well established, and rosé bubbles steps it up to a whole new level. The bubbles, with a hint of tannins and acid, give the wine more depth and texture making a perfect partner for food and wine pairing. Sparkling rosé instantly takes the consumer to celebrating summer, such as poolside lunches, backyard BBQs, and brunch served on the patio. Sparkling rosé is also better adapted to transcending seasonal drinkability. While perfect for summer, they are a go-to for the holidays and any celebratory event. Sparkling rosé is also perfectly suited for adding to innovative cocktails.




Otsuka: Rosé screams summer, of course, and there is a cocktail version that’s perfect for celebrating during the summer: Frosé. For this, you’d want to select a darker, full-bodied rosé because after its blended and frozen, it will lose some of its color and flavor. You want a rosé that will stand up to this treatment. Garnacha-based rosados from Spain or merlot/pinot noir-based rosés from California would work well.

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