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Trident Emerging Beverages

The Trident Portfolio at Breakthru Beverage Group is dedicated to delivering you the latest products, category education, news, and trends from the world of emerging brands.

Our Innovative Commitment to the World of Emerging Beverages

  • Incubate emerging brands
  • Build the brand
  • Harvest incremental profit
  • Graduate the brand to new heights

Meet the Team

"We're here to help brands take themselves to the next level, offering a strategic approach and thoughtful counsel about where a brand is and where it aspires to go." - Drew Levinson, VP, Business Development, Emerging Brands

"We want to ensure we are partnering with the right brands that have the greatest opportunity for growth and expansion within their categories and our markets. We do not want to just collect brands, but rather ensure we’re able to add significant value and partnership to the brands we bring on. We want them to help tell the story and replicate their purpose so we can effectively provide our customers the feeling that they will benefit from having the brand in their establishments,” – Jenna Oppe, National Director, Emerging Brands

"Trident is most effective when a brand has gotten as far as it can go with a high-quality product, a great team and a lot of passion, and then we can come in with our in-market and brand building experience and route-to-market strategy to help take them even further. If the product, purpose and people elements are in place before they get to us, there is a lot we can do to help them grow." – Micah Fortune, National Director, Supplier Management

"Brands often come to us at a stage in their growth where they risk getting lost. The way we collaborate with brands, we are able to work with them to develop a growth strategy that targets the right consumers and also fits with both their operational capacity and financial resources, putting them on the path to new, sustained growth." – John Oliver, National Director, Trade Marketing