Five Ways to Win with The Macallan Edition No. 5

Oct. 14, 2019


There’s a lot to love about great Scotch—from the taste to the smell, the ritual of pouring a glass, and the artistry that goes into the creation of a once-in-a-lifetime dram.

For serious aficionados, as well as the curious casual consumer, The Macallan Edition No. 5 delivers on all that is amazing about fine Scotch whisky and provides an opportunity for whisky lovers to enjoy a unique bottle now and in the future.

The Edition series from The Macallan is a showcase for incredible Scotch, one that consumers look forward to each year. This year’s Edition lives up to the line’s well-earned reputation. Now available nationwide, for a limited time, No. 5 provides five ways for businesses to turn this whisky into a big win.


Number 1: All the Right Consumers

Our friends at Edrington have positioned the Edition Series, and No. 5 in particular, to have a very strong appeal to all whisky lovers, but in particular the highly affluent consumers who are in the market for unique, premium beverage experiences—and are willing to pay a premium for them. The well-established history of the Editions, especially the success of last year’s Edition No. 4, will help to draw these consumers out into both on- and off-premise locations to enjoy a taste (or more) or Edition No. 5 before it is gone. These moments present a valuable opportunity for businesses to engage with these consumers and lay the groundwork for future visits and purchases.


Number 2: Collect Them All

As we have previously reported,The Macallan’s Editions have held their value and appreciated greatly among collectors on the secondary market, gaining more value as the years pass. Be on the lookout for serious collectors to see No. 5 as an investment, as well as an irresistible treat, and be ready to supply multiple bottles.



Number 3: Taste for the Ages

All financial questions aside, The Macallan No. 5 is a delight to drink, and consumers know it. The Scotch itself comes to the drinker on a nose of vanilla and toffee, with notes of oak, nutmeg, ginger, lemon basil, and pear. The palate is fresh, and sweet, with caramel moving into poached peaches and ripe pear—quickly followed by a toffee sweetness with light oak spices in the form of nutmeg and hints of ginger in the background. The finish is long and sweet, with the overall result being a very enjoyable experience.


Number 4: Versatility

The Macallan Edition No. 5 is at home in a wide range of drinking options, from straight to cocktails. The rich flavor profile of No. 5 easily asserts itself in an expertly made mixed drink, or stands proud alone in a glass, with the Macallan Ice Ball, or a splash of water. Whisky-loving consumers can make The Macallan No. 5 their own, with or without an encyclopedic knowledge of fine Scotch and how to drink it.



Number 5: Color

Color is an important part of No. 5, from the gorgeous sunlit barley of the liquid itself to the lush, gorgeous purple of the bottle’s collectible packaging. The Edition No. 5’s purple is a result of The Macallan’s partnership with the Pantone Color Institute, innovators known for their cutting-edge insights into how color choices inspire us, excite our imaginations, and help us to more richly enjoy the world around us.

The Pantone Institute worked with Edrington to create a purple that celebrates the intricate whisky-making process. This purple is an eye-catching and inspiring shade, described as the ‘most enigmatic of shades’ due to the multi-faceted and intricate combination of red and blue which mirrors the painstaking process of combining the vital ingredients necessary to create No. 5.


To find out more about No. 5 and how it can help grow your business, call your Breakthru Sales Consultant today.

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