Shackleton’s Antarctic AR Journey

Feb. 28, 2019


While the polar vortex has taken winter up a notch for most of North America, Shackleton Whisky has some exciting news for consumers looking to add some adventure to their sub-zero temps. 

Through a partnership with Shazam, Shackleton has created a new augmented reality app which allows consumers to set sail with Sir Ernest Shackleton on his legendary Antarctic expedition.

Whisky on the Rocks

Launching this past January, the Shackleton Augmented Reality app brings the 1907 expedition to life, celebrating the history which gave rise to Shackleton Whisky. Consumers who purchase the Shackleton Gift Box can simply download the Shazam app, tap the camera icon, and scan the code on the box’s “peel to reveal” stickers. They will be invited to personally experience Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1907 British Antarctic Expedition to the South Pole.

Whisky and history buffs know that during this expedition, Sir Shackleton left behind cases of whisky at the base camp, where it sat frozen for over 100 years before being rediscovered, and reimagined into Shackleton Whisky, according to a statement from the company. Now, consumers can deepen their interaction with Shackleton Whisky by getting to know the history firsthand.

A Neat Experience

According to the company, The Shackleton AR environment “transports consumers into a 3D Antarctic experience featuring actual time period footage of Sir Ernest Shackleton.” The experience takes consumers through key moments of the journey, along with his crew of brave men—and 25 cases of Mackinlay's Old Highland Malt Whisky. 

Their goal was to be the first people to reach the South Pole, and although the expedition ultimately failed, users will see how Shackleton's legendary leadership planted the seeds for his enduring legacy. With the South Pole less than 100 miles away, Shackleton turned back, choosing the safety of his men over his own personal glory.

However, that’s only part of the story told in the app. Titled “Discovered Under Ice, Served Over Ice,” the experience also follows the journey of Shackleton Whisky itself. Explorers at Shackleton’s base camp located 11 intact bottles of the original Mackinlay's brought by Shackleton’s crew. Users will learn how the bottles sat undisturbed in the ice for over 100 years before being brought to Master Blender Richard Paterson, who analyzed the antique liquid and created a new modern whisky, Shackleton Whisky, which captures Sir Ernest Shackleton's sense of adventure and bold character.

The Shackleton Whisky augmented experience app is available now for Android and iOS phones, and will be up for the remainder of the year so consumers can enrich their Shackleton experience. 

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