Johnnie’s Steppin’ Out!

Nov. 21, 2019


Whisky ages well, and Johnnie Walker is “living” proof. 80 proof, that is. For over a century, Johnnie Walker has traveled the globe with the iconic Striding Man logo, one of the most-recognized logos in the world. Generations of whisky lovers have followed Johnnie as the brand constantly innovated and challenged the conventions of the industry to create and deliver new and exciting whiskies.

This season, Johnnie Walker’s global “Keep Walking” campaign is getting an update to its look, one which employs bright, vibrant colors and eye-catching design to appeal to the next generation of whisky lovers while honoring Johnnie’s storied legacy in the industry. You may have already seen the new ads, either on billboards or your newsfeed. They are dynamic, bold, and engaging—just like Johnnie Walker.

Looking Good in Every Color

The ads play upon Johnnie Walker’s instantly recognizable labels, the colors of the blends, and the iconic “Keep Walking” slogan. They convey movement, the idea that Johnnie Walker is always pushing on to the next idea, innovation, or blend. Still images highlight the bottle, while short videos remind us that Johnnie Walker Black, Red, and, and Blue can also take cocktails to the next level. These ads are also just very, very cool.

Keep Winning

While these ads are cool, Johnnie Walker continues to heat up with consumers. The brand saw 9% net sales growth in North America in Fiscal Year 2019 (reported net sales), according to Diageo. As more people are discovering Johnnie Walker, these ads will help to create more enthusiasm among consumers.

"We are extremely proud to usher in a new era for Johnnie Walker fueled by a dynamic visual identity that is rooted in presenting our products and liquids in a way that creates real desire to explore a new world of experiences available within Scotch," said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskies, Diageo North America in a recent statement. "We are excited for more people to discover the experiences possible within our portfolio,” she added, “that represent the attitudes of our drinker—always in motion, constantly exploring and experimenting, pushing boundaries, in order to taste more out of life.”

We are excited to share this new campaign with our customers, as well as the rich, deep portfolio of whiskies from Johnnie Walker. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant today to place your next order for Johnnie and keep walking.

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