Boulevard’s Road to the Stars: Space Camper Cosmic IPA

Feb. 1, 2019


In space, no one can hear you scream, but our friends at Boulevard are safely on earth so they were able to hear consumer demand for a rich, complex IPA. 

Boulevard has answered that demand with the delivery of their brand-new Space Camper Cosmic IPA, a year-round brew from the Kansas City craft beer powerhouse. Clocking in at a respectable 5.9% ABV and 50 IBUs, Space Camper is a sessionable brew that delivers a unique flavor and experience. Billed by Boulevard as “an exhilarating initiation into a mind-bending alternate universe of India Pale Ales,” Space Camper is a supremely juicy IPA, filled with tropical fruit flavors and the aromas of nectar and citrus.

According to Boulevard, beer drinkers should expect Space Camper to deliver an aroma of juicy mango, peach, and bright pineapple, and a malt that is pillowy, subtle, and slightly sweet. The hops provide notes of fresh citrus, stone fruit and watermelon, courtesy of the Ekuanot, El Dorado, and Galaxy hop varietals in the brew.

Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant today about adding Boulevard Space Camper Cosmic IPA to your order and step up your business’s beer option with this super-powered brew.

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