Happy Birthday, Johnnie!

Jun. 27, 2018

Great Scotch must be aged to reach its full potential. Great brand icons, on the other hand, can hit their stride immediately—like Johnnie Walker’s Striding Man. Commissioned in 1908 from famed illustrator Tom Browne, the instantly recognizable Striding Man has walked through 120 countries, bringing Johnnie Walker’s portfolio of Scotch blends and winning a spot in the hearts of consumers worldwide. Over the last 11 decades, the Striding Man’s design has undergone periodic renovation, but the spirit of the original still shines through, as evident in this short video commissioned by Diageo in Brazil.



Even before the birth of the Striding Man, Johnnie Walker was known for its marketing savvy. Early innovations like the square bottle and angled label proved to be game changers in the mid-19th century. The square bottle allowed for more product per case, and lowered breakage rates, while the angled label made it possible to fit more, and larger, text and thus increase the brand’s visual appeal. Today, those breakthroughs seem self-evident, just like the power of the Striding Man logo. However, long-term Scotch lovers know that the indomitable Striding Man used to face left, and only flipped around to the right in the year 2000, the same year he was paired with the “Keep Walking” motto.

Now, the Striding Man has transformed from a detailed portrait of a Victorian dandy into an icon, created from simple lines and color that blend together into an anonymous, idealized person whose anonymity allows it to stand in for all of us. The Striding Man, lately joined by the Striding Woman of Jane Walker fame, reminds us of the relentless drive of John Walker, and his sons, to create an excellent and dependable product for consumers. That drive is alive and well in Johnnie Walker today, and we look forward to another 11 decades following in the Striding Man’s footsteps.

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