Wines to Die For

Mar. 26, 2018

Walking Dead Wines are to Die For!

For fans of The Walking Dead, their enthusiasm for the show is as undying as the hordes of zombies featured in each episode. The highest rated drama on television several years running, The Walking Dead has inspired fans to host weekly viewing parties, with themed costumes, decorations and treats.


Now, devotees have the perfect wines to pair with parties for the upcoming season finale – the biggest event of the year for “Dead-Heads.” Treasury Wine Estates has introduced two Walking Dead varietals -- Blood Red Blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Each bottle features a label that interacts with the Living Wines Label app, an augmented reality innovation that brings a label’s artwork to life on your device screen. 


The Walking Dead enjoys one of the most passionate fanbases in pop culture, with more than 50 million comic books in print and digital editions, TV’s highest-rated show for viewers 21-49, and more than 36 million fans on Facebook. Talk to your Sales Consultant today to ensure you have the wines these aficionados will be roaming your aisles for. 

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