Lady Leshurr Lives Like a Captain

Mar. 22, 2018

Captain Morgan and Lady Leshurr are teaming up to remind consumers that living like a Captain means living responsibly. The new video, “#LiveLikeACaptain,” was produced by Swifta Beater and features just under two minutes of Leshurr’s acclaimed freestyle rapping. The first half of the song chronicles the many unhappy consequences of a night of over-consumption, then rewinds and replays the evening from the perspective of someone enjoying responsibly.

Leshurr told Metro “I wanted to get the point across of drinking responsibly through music” and “I hope people will be able to relate to the music, and the words I’m saying.“ Give a listen to the finished track below.

Leshurr made a splash on YouTube with her “Queen’s Speech” series of videos, which have helped her amass over 831,000 followers and garnered over 131 million views on her YouTube channel. Her fanbase stretches from her native U.K. to the U.S., where SPIN magazine said her video “Queen’s Speech 4” “turned the U.S. upside-down” after its release. American audiences were first introduced to Leshurr in 2015 when her track was featured in a popular ad for Samsung.

Capitalizing on her worldwide popularity, Diageo and Captain Morgan tapped Leshurr for this important, consumer-facing project to help keep it light and fun. Carolyn Panzer, Global Alcohol in Society Director for Diageo said in a statement  “Captain Morgan is a fun brand that also takes responsible drinking seriously.” On choosing Leshurr, she explained, “We know people want us to talk about moderation in a way that feels relevant to them, so partnering with influencers like Lady Leshurr is a great way to create authentic conversations on responsible drinking.”

Panzer also revealed the program’s ambitious goal of “reaching 200 million people around the world with messages on moderation from our brands by 2025,” and #LiveLikeACaptain is a big part of that. In addition to the video, Diageo also launched an informational hub online to educate consumers about responsible drinking,, where consumers can interact directly with tips and tools for responsible behavior.

Adding to Panzer’s comments, Leshurr said “#LiveLikeACaptain to me is about being responsible when drinking, knowing who’s around you and more importantly being able to remember your night too. After all, you want to be able to share your experiences with your friends and what better way for me to help drive that message than through music.”

Breakthru is proud to support Diageo and their mission of spreading a message of responsibility to consumers. Talk with your Breakthru Sales Consultant about how to leverage their work to help grow your business, and to learn more about the full line of Captain Morgan products.
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