Top Trending Flavors of 2018: Ginger

Mar. 21, 2018

Leave it to Google to identify one of this year’s top flavor trends. 

According to the search engine giant, consumers are hot for earthy flavors, with ginger leading the pack.  Since 2014, U.S.-based searches for ginger beverages have grown at around 30 percent year-over-year, and it’s not just us in the U.S. searching for ways to get more ginger into our drinks. Consumers in Mexico, Spain and the U.K. are all contributing to this trend. 


Earthy Flavors are In Demand--Especially those with Perceived Health Benefits

Earthy flavors like chai, matcha, turmeric and ginger are top of mind with consumers as they look to incorporate healthier, more natural ingredients to their beverages. In the U.S., consumers associate ginger root’s warming sensation and spicy flavor with diet and weight loss, as well as a natural remedy for digestion and stomach issues.  While there is a substantial amount of medical evidence to support these beliefs, consumers nonetheless associate ginger-flavored beverages as a healthy drink choice. 


Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale and Hot Ginger Teas Drive Growth

A majority of consumer searches for ginger-flavored beverages fell into three categories: tea, beer and ale. In the winter, searches spiked for ginger tea and ginger-infused hot toddy’s. In the warmer months, ginger beer and ginger ale took the lead.

For off-premise retail accounts, this insight can easily be turned into an action that might influence sales. Since consumers are searching for refreshing ginger beverages during the summer, take advantage of this knowledge and keep a few cases of ginger beer and canned ginger cocktails in your coolers so that they’re well-chilled and ready to go for those grab-and-go customers. 

In the on-premise, have a few ginger beer cocktails highlighted on your menu, as well as ginger-flavored RTDs peppered on the cans and bottles list during peak patio season.

Ginger Moscow mule and ginger hot toddy


Ginger is a Versatile Flavor 

Ginger’s draw may be its fresh and spicy flavor, but that bold taste also makes it a versatile pairing partner for an assortment of tastes. From blueberries to turmeric, here’s what consumers in the U.S. are most likely pairing their ginger flavored beverages with, based on their Google search behavior:

A ginger, lemon and honey hot toddy sounds like a cold-weather cocktail customers are sure to cozy up to. Or how about a refreshing and spritzy blueberry, turmeric and ginger mojito? That’s one way to drink to your health. In addition to these four U.S. flavors, ginger with cinnamon, citrus and fennel were also frequently searched on a global level. 

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