Get Privy to Pinot Gris

Aug. 11, 2016

We’re in the midst of summer, and it’s been a warm one! To combat this steamy season, consumers are looking to beverages to help cool them down. According to The Harris Poll®, 65% of drinking-age Americans are looking for “refreshing” characteristics in their alcoholic beverages this summer. In addition to refreshing, consumers are craving fruity (38%), crisp (33%) and citrusy (25%) flavors.

Cue the pinot gris! With notes of lemon, lime, green apple and honeysuckle, this easy-to-drink white wine fits the flavor profile perfectly for what Americans are desiring this summer.

Andrew McNamara, Breakthru Beverage Florida vice president of wine development and chairman of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas, says he loves pinot gris for its approachability. “Pinot Gris is amongst the most versatile of all grape varietals. It has clean, fresh fruit flavors that lend it perfectly as an aperitif or with almost any dish.”

Get privy to pinot gris so you can satisfy your customers this summer! 

Both styles come from the same grape; they’re a mutation from the mother of all pinots, pinot noir. The difference comes down to the region: Pinot gris originated in France, whereas pinot grigio was born in Italy. 

Tasting notes: Lime, Green Apple, Meyer Lemon, Pear, White Nectarine, Almond, Honeysuckle, Clove, Ginger
Character profile: Medium-full body, flat acidity
Serving temperature: “Ice-Cold” 45 ºF
Notable regions: Italy, France, Oregon and California 

Here’s why Andrew McNamara appreciates pinot gris in three words: 

“We tend to think about pinot gris as one lump category; and it’s really not,” says McNamara. “A lot of pinot gris grapes are grown in incredibly steep mountainside terrace vineyards – in places you would never think to grow grapes – and they end up on your table at a relatively inexpensive price. Those wines can be absolutely mind blowing. At the same time, you can make a pinot gris that’s easy and approachable and just really easy to sit and have a glass.”

“It’s a great grape because it goes very, very well with a large number of food items. It can be drunk on its own as an aperitif; you can have it really any time you want to have it.”

"Pinot Gris tends to be a more neutral varietal – it’s not quite as polarized. It’s not as big and as intense as a domestic chardonnay is; it’s not as pungent aromatically as a sauvignon blanc is. It works really well with a lot of different things."

Talk to your sales consultant to learn more about Breakthru’s pinot gris portfolio  



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