Mix Your Menu: Rethinking Gin and Tonic (3 New Recipes)

Aug. 30, 2018


In this edition of “Mix Your Menu,” our ongoing series where we serve up fresh spins on classic cocktails, we focus on new takes on the classic Gin & Tonic that you can fold into your drink menu.


But before we get to the recipes, did you know that the Gin & Tonic has quite a rich history of being more than just a classic cocktail? You might want to add these nuggets into your bar stories rolodex.


  • Did you know Gin & Tonics used to be used to cure illnesses? It’s true.
  • Winston Churchill once said, “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishman’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” (Breakthru note: Currently, we are unable to confirm this claim.)
  • Gin Tonica, as it’s known in Spain, has become the country’s national drink. It’s typically served in a balloon glass so one can properly take in the aroma of the medley of fruits, herbs and spices used in the Gin Tonica—and this type of G&T is catching on quickly here in the U.S.


The more you know! Now, for the recipes, which are courtesy of Breakthru Colorado Beverage Development Specialist Mike Henderson.

1.5 oz. gin

.75 oz. bitter Italian aperitivo liqueur

.75 oz. sweet vermouth

3 oz. tonic water

Method: Combine all ingredients in a Double Old Fashioned glass filled with ice, stir briefly to chill and mix. Garnish with a lime zest.

1.5 oz. gin

2 oz. grapefruit soda

2 oz. tonic

Method: Combine all ingredients in a Collins glass filled with ice, stir briefly to chill and mix and garnish with a grapefruit zest.

2 oz. gin

4 oz. tonic

1 bar spoon of pink pepper corns

1 sprig of rosemary

Lemon zest

Method: In an oversized wine glass filled with ice, add garnishes of peppercorns and lemon zest. Next pour the gin over the garnishes to extract flavors, add tonic and stir briefly to mix and chill.


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