Deschutes Takes a Shot at Pilsners with Da Shootz

Jan. 7, 2019


For a category as old as beer, constant innovation is required for sales growth, and Deschutes Brewery is coming into 2019 with some exciting new brew news.

Following on the success of the Fresh Haze IPA, the iconic Bend, OR, brewery is bringing a new Pilsner, Da Shootz, to market in 2019. Da Shootz comes in at just 4% ABV and 25 IBU, according to the company, and will be available in 12-ounce cans. Described by the company as a “lifestyle lager,” Da Shootz will be followed by a new line of sour beers in the summer.

Following news of restructuring and refocusing at the brewery in Bend, Michael LaLonde, Deschutes Brewery CEO and president, recently gave a spate of interviews, explaining the company’s current strengths, challenges, and plans for the future. He told The Bulletin that ““innovation is really important now in the craft beer industry,” and he told Brewbound about how innovation will be a core piece of the company’s strategy next year, and teasing the release of a new IPA in the fall.

LaLonde also told Craft Brewing Business that “recent trends are looking much better” for the company, and “we’re seeing positive results with our newest release, Fresh Haze IPA.” He also explained to American Craft Beer how the brewery is now canning 10 percent of its beers and recently acquired a pilot brewing system that will enable experimentation in small batches.

By investing in innovations and experimentation, Deschutes looks to maintain its three decades of consistent popularity with beer enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. 

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