Diageo Winter 2023 Round Up

Dec. 8, 2023

Diageo: Big Moves on the Shelf and Behind the Scenes

You already know Diageo’s incredible lineup of iconic brands, with big names such as Johnnie Walker, Ketel One, Don Julio, Baileys, as well as their deep portfolio of incredible expressions and innovations (Crown Royal Salted Caramel, anyone?). But did you know about all the amazing things Diageo is doing behind the scenes? Today, we’re taking a look at a few of their latest wins and how the company is making a positive impact on the planet, the industry, and possibly a farm near you.

Spirited Xchange, 2023

Started in 2017, Diageo has been pushing the envelope for whisky through the Spirited Xchange Special Releases Scotch Whisky Collection, a unique celebration of Scotch, and the many countries and cultures around the world who appreciate this versatile spirit. And this year’s collection is finally out. In total, Spirited Xchange comprises eight rare and collectible Single Malts, “carefully selected by Master Blender Dr. Stuart Morrison, to celebrate each distillery's unique characteristics,” according to the company. Each collection explores the fusion of flavors through unique casks, each offering different crafts and finishes from disparate cultures.

"This year, we're proudly revealing our new series of distillery-first expressions: Spirited Xchange Special Releases 2023,” said Master Blender, Dr. Stuart Morrison, in a recent statement. “For me, Spirited Xchange is about identifying and celebrating the ideas, flavors, and tastes that surround us each day and inspire our curiosity to create. This collection has given us the opportunity to roam freely through our vast portfolio and experiment with old and new cask types, including various wine and local spirits casks to create eight one-of-a-kind expressions that we've never imagined before."

The whiskies this year include bold entries, such as a Lagavulin finished in a combination of Don Julio Añejo tequila casks, and a Mortlach finished in ex-Kanosuke Japanese whisky and ex-Pinot Noir casks.

Other entries include: The Singleton finished in rich Chardonnay de Bourgogne French Oak casks; Talisker finished in a combination of White, Tawny and Ruby Port Casks; Clynelish matured in ex-bourbon American Oak casks, and many more. And while these collectible bottles may be hard to come by for individual consumers, the entire category will benefit from the adventurous choices made in creating this collection.


Growing Appreciation for Scotch and Tequila

We’ve previously shared the details of Diageo’s ambitious 2030 plan, and now we have one more data point to add: new regenerative agriculture programs announced in Scotland and Mexico for scotch and tequila production. According to a recent statement from the company, the hope is that these programs will “drive holistic benefits including enhanced biodiversity, improved water stewardship, carbon reduction and better soil health management.”

In particular, these programs will also help to reduce the company’s scope 3 carbon-emissions, again part of Diageo’s 10-year 2030 plan, where agriculture currently contributes one third of Diageo’s scope 3 emissions.

The programs will target the operations for producing barley, wheat, and agave, with an eye toward reducing carbon and providing a greater benefit to farmers. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, these programs are also an attempt at building supply resilience, particularly in Jalisco, Mexico, by building soil health.

Ewan Andrew, President of Global Supply Chain & Procurement and Chief Sustainability Officer, said in a recent statement, “As we commit to continued investment in long term business growth, we’re excited to expand our regenerative farming work... The Scotch Whisky and Tequila brands have such a strong connection to their local communities, and as we build increased resilience and productivity across our end-to-end supply chains, we are building broader partnerships to enhance the impact of regenerative farming practices at scale.”


A Great Place for All

Outstanding recently recognized several Diageo associates as key LGBTQIA+ role models within the industry and singled them out for praise in the latest “Future Leaders” list. The tireless efforts made by these leaders is key in making Diageo an inclusive place to work and also a force for positive change in the industry.

Topping the list is Andre Bogues, Senior Culture and Entertainment Manager for Diageo. In his role, Andre ensures Diageo’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community shines through marketing materials and campaigns.

“It came as a surprise to be included in the Role Model List,” Mr. Bogues said in a recent statement, “let alone to rank number one, but I’m so proud to be recognised amongst such inspirational role models. I’m all about intersectionality and allowing people to be their full selves at work, so to be seen and commended for that is incredible.”

From the personal to the global, and beyond, Diageo is helping to build better communities while delivering the top-shelf spirits business owners have come to know and love. To find out more, or to place an order, please connect with us today.

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