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What’s New with E. & J. Gallo Winery?

Jun. 18, 2021

E. & J. Gallo Winery is one of the biggest names in the industry today, and it keeps getting bigger. The beloved beverage company has made some news lately — some huge, and some delightfully small — and it comes with an opportunity to create big wins for business owners in Breakthru markets.

Gallo just bought RumChata, Agave Loco portfolios

According to a recent story in The Drinks Business, Gallo is now the proud owner of Agave Loco’s extensive spirits portfolio, including beloved cream liqueurs RumChata, Tippy Cow, and Holly Nog. Now that these brands are under the umbrella of Gallo and its formidable marketing operation, look for the profile of these spirits, particularly consumer favorite RumChata, to be on the rise.

RumChata launched 12 years ago, under founder and master blender Tom Maas, who said of the deal, “As a small independent producer, we never imagined the success of RumChata when we were just getting started back in 2009.” He added, “We have taken the growth of the brand as far as possible as a small supplier, and it was the right time to find a new brand steward. I know the RumChata brand will thrive under Gallo’s guidance, and I am excited to watch the brand continue to grow and evolve in the future.”

Gallo’s own Britt West, Vice President and General Manager of the Spirits Division, said, “We see tremendous potential with this acquisition. Opportunities like this are rare in the spirits industry and we are excited to add RumChata to our expanding portfolio of noteworthy brands. We look forward to continuing to build brand awareness for RumChata, while expanding its availability both in the U.S. and internationally.”

Pink Whitney goes big on small sizes

The numbers behind Pink Whitney are amazing. Per IRI data, it is:

  • The #1 flavored vodka in the U.S.
  • The #1 flavored vodka launch of the last five years
  • Bringing in new consumers to the brand, with 88% of purchasers being new to New Amsterdam

Those numbers are huge. And in response, Gallo is going small, with a new lineup of 200ml and 375ml bottles hitting the market. These new bottles represent a great opportunity to reach more of the flavored vodka market, providing an easier way for new off-premise consumers to engage with the brand. These bottles are expected to be a big seller, with the bonus of turning more curious consumers into fans of the brand.

Lasting legacy of Louis M. Martini

As evident in the two items above, Gallo is a company with a laser focus on the future of the industry, but it’s worth remembering that Gallo has one of the richest, most-vibrant histories in the world of wine and spirits. In a recent story from Breakthru Beyond, the fascinating history of Louis M. Martini unfolds, from Martini’s creative workaround to keep winemaking during Prohibition to his creation of one of the world’s most-celebrated cabernet sauvignons. After nearly a century of winemaking, Louis M. Martini’s name is synonymous with fine wines. Take a moment to see how it all happened and connect with us to make his namesake wines part of your business.