Stolen X Takes a Shot at Elevating RTDs

Feb. 13, 2019


The Old Fashioned. It’s been around so long that it used to be called “Now Fashioned.” But its enduring popularity has never gone out of style: consumers love the Old Fashioned today more than ever before. And our friends at Stolen believe that ordering, and enjoying, an Old Fashioned should be a simple, no-muss-no-fuss proposition, which is why they have brought a new/old take on this beloved cocktail to market: Stolen X.

Described by the company as a ready to drink Old Fashioned, Stolen X is born out of a belief that “a good drink doesn’t have to be complicated to order, or take forever to make.” Well, nothing is easier or quicker than cracking open a bottle of Stolen X, based on a traditional spirit called Rock and Rye, a category which gave rise to the Old Fashioned, and one with roots stretching back to the days of gun-slingers, according to the company.

Whereas the Old Fashioned is a simple, classic cocktail, there is a tendency among certain bartenders, both professional and home varieties, to make the cocktail needlessly complicated. Stolen X takes the cocktail back to its roots, boasting only three simple, premium ingredients: American rye whiskey, orange peel, and organic raw honey. The liquid is aged for more than two years in American oak, producing a “rare and delicious balance of smoothness and strength at 80 proof.”

The makers of Stolen X believe that cocktails should be simple, easy, and delicious. And that is the driving spirit behind this spirit: providing a world-class, ready-to-drink cocktail straight out of the bottle, on the rocks or neat. And while Stolen X represents a return to simpler times, the company behind this new product is a thoroughly modern, global operation with products available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide.

“With the volume of competition that our industry continues to experience, it’s never been more important to stand out and develop a unique brand identity and value proposition,” said Kevin Roberts, Executive Vice President of Supplier Relations at Breakthru Beverage. “While it’s obviously critically important to offer quality products, effective branding is often at the heart of the brands that thrive. Stolen X has that potential and we are excited to introduce this across several of our markets.”

Stolen X joins the complete Stolen portfolio, including Stolen Whiskey, aged 11 years, Stolen Smoked Rum, and Stolen Overproof Rum. Visit the company website at to see how the company is taking their simple, high-quality spirits to a new generation of savvy consumers, and talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about how you can leverage Stolen X and the full lineup of Stolen spirits to help your business grow.

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