Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Launches 'Savage Apple'

Jun. 27, 2019

The ink is finally dry on this deal, and we’re thrilled to bring you the big news: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has just launched their new Savage Apple rum. William Grant & Sons, owners of the Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum brand, revealed the news in a recent statement about the innovation, itself the first new addition to the Sailor Jerry family since the rum was launched 19 years ago.


Peeling Back the Flavors

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has an aesthetic straight from the Hawaiian Islands, and while pineapple may be more common than savage apple in the islands, this innovation pays tribute to the fun, carefree side of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. That attitude of fun is showcased in Savage Apple’s unique mixture of flavors, including not only traditional notes of vanilla and cinnamon, but also fresh, lively apple and cinnamon.

"Savage Apple is an amazing addition to the Sailor Jerry story,” said Anthony Bohlinger, Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador. “This is the first new product we've ever released, and it is a fantastic liquid, one we know our fans will enjoy for its quality and bold nature.” He added, "This summer, Savage Apple is ready to hit bars, beaches, backyard BBQs and more. The combination of delicious apple, cinnamon and bold rum is good, and we can't wait for you to try it."


Planting the Seeds for Future Sales

It’s no secret that OND (October-November-December) brings some of the biggest sales each year, and some of that is driven directly by flavored spirits, such as pumpkin spice and apple. It is never too early to lay the groundwork for future sales, and this summer businesses will be able to create an affinity for the brand among consumers now, leading directly to heightened OND sales figures down the road.

At Breakthru Beverage Group, we are thrilled to see what effect Savage Apple will have on the seasonal sales, and proud to be your source for all things Sailor Jerry.

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