Highland Park Twisted Tattoo is a Wise Choice for the Future

Sep. 17, 2019


A good tattoo can last a lifetime. A great whisky can last a long time, too. Highland Park’s new 16-year expression, Twisted Tattoo, is just such a whisky.


Aged to Enjoyment

Highland Park’s new Twisted Tattoo is an excellent example of what is possible with a little bit of peat and a whole lot of patience. Aged for 16 years in two separate casks - former bourbon casks and Spanish Rioja wine seasoned casks -  the two are then married together to make Twisted Tattoo. The result is a rich and full-bodied single malt whisky with a distinctively different character. The whisky greets the eyes with a pleasant pale and bright rose gold color, and a panoply of rich flavors such as sweet vanilla, sun-ripened peaches, summer berries, full-bodied red wine, and light peat smoke.


Tattoo You

Twisted Tattoo delivers a sublime drinking experience, as well as an equally delicious backstory. In creating this unique expression, Highland Park partnered with Danish tattoo artist and modern day “Viking Soul,” Colin Dale, to create the whisky’s bold visual design. The bottle artwork is instantly recognizable as something out of the norm for whisky bottles. It celebrates the tattoo as a mark of both standing apart and being part of a tribe, according to a statement from the company. Dale’s intricate tattoo-themed design is inspired by the free-flowing Nordic knotwork found on Viking wood carvings, according to the company, and reflects the creatures and adventures of Norse legend.


A Collectable Choice

This expression is of particular interest to collectors, as it is the first time a major distiller has brought Spanish Rioja wine into the aging process. In fact, Highland Park is now the second most collectible whisky on the secondary market, second only to The Macallan. But, and more importantly, Twisted Tattoo is a whisky which rewards consumers for breaking the seal and pouring a glass to enjoy. As such, collectors will probably want to purchase two bottles—one for now, and one for later.

However, supply may not be able to meet that level of demand for long. With only 153 casks in production, twisted Tattoo may fade from circulation. Contact your Breakthru Sales Consultant now to order Twisted Tattoo for your business.

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