Cider Illustrated: Understanding a Fall Favorite

Oct. 14, 2019

Cider: A Breakthru Illustrated Guide

Written by Brian Wright & Kyle Trompeter | Illustrated by Ethan Colchamiro


Despite being one of the world’s oldest beverages, cider is still misunderstood and that can make selling cider a challenge. At its most basic, cider is simply fermented apple juice.

Cider, however, is no basic beverage.


The United States Association of Cider Makers has defined 15 unique styles of ciders, including Modern Cider, Heritage Cider, Hopped Cider, Botanical Cider and the trendy Rosé Cider. In addition to those 15 styles, there are also sub categories like sparkling, still, sweet, semi-sweet, Petillant and Pommeau. 

Cider is growing in popularity in the U.S., as sales have grown close to 500% since 2011. Also, the number of consumers who prefer cider over beer, wine and spirits has increased 300% in the last decade. And yet, consumer knowledge of how cider is crafted still leaves much to be desired. But fear not, because our illustrated guide has you and your customers covered!

Illustrated guide to Cider
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