Beringer Brothers’ New Sauvignon Blanc is Añejo

Sep. 17, 2019

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Our partners at Beringer Brothers had an amazing year in 2018, and they’re following up that incredible success with a bold new Sauvignon Blanc expression that is aged in tequila barrels. This creation brings together consumers from both the thriving white wine segment and the ever-growing tequila category, and adds an even greater depth to the Beringer Brothers portfolio of chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and red blend wines aged in bourbon barrels.

Grape and Agave Meet

This new tequila-aged sauvignon blanc begins as a normal California white wine, and is aged for 60 days in barrels once used to age the premium tequilas of Mexico, according to Beringer Brothers, resulting in a delicious wine which blends the characteristic lush feel of California’s famous sauvignon blanc grapes with subtle hints of agave flavor.

The depth and singular flavor of this expression help to set it apart among the burgeoning sauvignon blanc market while appealing to wine-curious tequila drinkers and the younger generation of LDA wine consumers who are looking for something extra in their wine drinking experience.

A Family Flair

Beringer Brothers tequila-aged Sauvignon Blanc joins the full range of Beringer Brothers wines, which pay tribute to real-life brothers Jacob and Frederick Beringer, the pair who founded the storied winery more than 150 years ago. Originally, the Beringer Brothers winery was also a distillery, and from the beginning the brothers were aging their wines in used barrels from their distillery.

They discovered the practice was beneficial from an economic standpoint, and also imparted myriad wonderful flavors to the wines, giving the brand a distinctive reputation. Today, the winery is lead by Mark Beringer, the great-great grandson of founder Frederick Beringer.

The Spirit of Sales

In addition to creating a top-shelf wine, Beringer Brothers is promoting their new sauvignon blanc with a full suite of selling tools. The packaging is designed to be different, evoking the tequila which gives it its unique flavor, with flint-colored glass to clearly signal the white wine. The label features a historic photograph of the Beringer brothers themselves, posing in front of the winery, with graphics which echo the original labels.

With the Living Wines Labels augmented reality app, consumers can access augmented reality content through the label itself. Through the smartphone app, the label comes to life as the Beringer Brothers ask for help photographing their new winery.

In addition to these tools, Beringer Brothers is offering a full complement of selling tools, including case cards, shelf talkers, neckers, a three-case wrap and “Tavern” sampling kits including scented barrel blocks which allow consumers to experience the influence of the spirits barrels while sampling the wine.

Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about adding tequila-aged Sauvignon Blanc to your business’ wine list, and learn more about how Beringer Brothers full portfolio can help your business grow. 

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