Get Ready for Red: Apothic Launches new Limited-Edition Sparkling Red

Oct. 2, 2019


Our friends at Apothic know how to make a big splash, and this month brand is making one of its biggest yet with the release of Apothic’s first-ever, limited-edition Apothic Sparkling Red wine, available now nationwide.

Red With Envy

Apothic’s Sparkling Red is amazing, inside and out. The wine has a bold look, “the color of an iconic 80s red leather jacket,” according to the company, and a delicious taste with “lines of ruby bubbles” and notes of bright cherries, citrus, and red apples. This sparkling California red upends expectations with its unexpectedly refreshing body and luscious flavors.

While Apothic has already built a following among younger LDA consumers who enjoy Apothic’s no-nonsense approach to winemaking, Heather Austin, Apothic's Director of Marketing, explained why the company branched out into the sparkling segment with this wine. "Our fans love sparkling wine, but wish it could be less pretentious, less delicate and more flavorful," she said. "Apothic Sparkling Red is a complete departure from all things conventional sparkling wine. It's not white, it's unexpectedly red and surprisingly refreshing. It's not arrogant or pretentious; it's rocking out with friends or watching your favorite streaming show. And most importantly, it's seriously good."

Ready. Set. Red.

This limited-edition treat is now available nationwide, and Breakthru is proud to bring it to your business today. We’ve been fans of Apothic since the start, when they were first crafting the rich, velvety, and bold Apothic Red we all know and love today. And once more, Apothic’s visionary winemaker Deb Juergenson has challenged conventional wisdom with this latest, temporary, addition to the brand’s portfolio of intriguing blends and limited-release wines. We look forward to the next big thing from Apothic and enjoying Apothic Sparkling Red today.

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