Variety Packs are Getting the Remix Treatment

Dec. 27, 2018


It is said, as a rule of thumb, that it is impossible to please everyone. That is a challenge that breweries face every year, as consumers’ tastes continue to evolve and the demand to try something new only becomes more fevered.

To quell consumers’ thirst for something different, breweries are taking a new approach to an old favorite: variety packs.

A few years ago, the idea of a variety pack was novel. Breweries would package together a few of their core beers, along with one or two seasonal offerings which would be exclusive to the package. However, as the number of breweries grew, seasonality began to blur and lose its commercial meaning. Before too long, consumers could find just about any style of beer they wanted year-round. As a result, sales of variety packs grew flat.

Necessity being the mother of invention, craft breweries are now using the mixed pack as an opportunity to engage with consumers in a way that squarely aligns with their wants. As a result, the newest variety packs to enter the market are no longer categorized by seasons but instead by a more evergreen connection like beer style or theme.

2017 and 2018 saw the release of countless all-IPA mixed packs. These hop-forward packages included everything from S.M.a.S.H. (single malt and single hop) beers and fruited IPAs to cases that held four variations of the trending hazy IPA.

2018 also saw breweries develop variety packs where the packaging itself was the innovation. From pop out cardboard coasters to cases that could be converted into waterproof coolers, breweries got incredibly creative in finding new ways for consumers to engage with their product.

Breakthru Beverage has a fantastic selection of variety packs currently in stock. Below are a few of our favorites but reach out to your Breakthru Sales Consultant to browse our full inventory.

1. Blue Moon Variety Pack, 2. Cerveza Classica Variety Pack 3. Samuel Adams Game Day Beers Variety Pack, 4. Ballast Point Discovery Mix Pack, 5. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. The Sampler
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