2018 Trident Holiday Top 10

Nov. 28, 2018

Everyone has their own ideas of the perfect bottles to gift. For those who need a little help navigating the sheer selection of gift-worthy products available for order, our Trident Division has curated a collection of their top gifting recommendations.

So whether your customers are searching for something locally made or hunting for a limited edition bottling of a year-round favorite, this list has a gifts that are sure to make their shopping experience merry this holiday season.

Descriptions inspired by our supplier partners’ respective product history and tasting notes.


F.E.W Bourbon Whiskey

F.E.W Bourbon is a grain-to-glass whiskey made from grains sourced within 100 miles of F.E.W’s Evanston, Illinois distillery. This is a high-rye bourbon made from 70 percent corn, 20 percent rye and 10 percent malted barley, which is then fermented with a peppery yeast lending to a unique, spicy bourbon.


Compass Box The Peat Monster

This whisky combines smoky and peaty single malts from the island of Islay and the Isle of Mull with rich, medium-peated Highland whisky. The result is a balanced, highly drinkable peaty blended malt Scotch whisky.


Cutwater Cold Brew Horchata

Cold brew with a San Diego spirit. Cutwater's creamy Fugu Horchata Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail perfectly combines horchata’s cinnamon and vanilla notes with their six times distilled, 15 times filtered Fugu Vodka and the crisp medium-bodied flavor of roasted coffee.



Made from authentic Italian bergamot and selected native Italian botanicals. Italicus is based on an old original recipe from 1850's Italy. Light and citrusy on the nose with hints of rose and lavender. On the palate, more fresh citrus is balanced with bitter and floral spice, before giving way to a long, cascading finish.


Norseman Vapor Infused Gin

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Norseman Distillery uses their vodka as a semi-sweet base spirit for this gin. The spirit is then vapor infused with organic botanicals including juniper, coriander, vanilla, and citrus to create an heirloom quality gin full of fresh, clean flavors.


St. George Pear Brandy

St. George Spirits’ flagship product, this pear brandy is astonishingly fruit-forward, with honey notes and a hint of spice. Made from the most aromatic dry-farmed, organic Bartlett pears. Every bottle of St. George Pear Brandy packs about 30 pounds of fruit in the experience. Bottled at 40 percent ABV, this is perfect to enhance any holiday cocktail that calls for fruit flavor without additional sweetness.


BET Vodka

From farm field to local cooperative, BET's sugar beets are harvested and processed into granulated beet sugar, then dissolved into water with nutrients, fermented for up to two weeks and then distilled no less than three times. From there it is blended with filtered water and passed through active carbon to create a premium-pour. The taste is smooth on the front, with peppered spice on the back, and a hint of vanilla essence.


Wayne Gretzky Ice Cask Whisky

This golden bronze whisky inherits top notes of toffee, clove, raisin, caramelized sugar and a hint of oak from its signature soak in ice wine barrels. The addition of a small splash of water develops added notes of chocolate, mocha and sweet spice. That slight sweetness lingers on the finish with flavors of toffee, caramelized apple, smoke and allspice.


Nikka Japanese Whisky Coffey Grain

The Coffey Still is the world’s first patented continuous still invented by Mr. Aeneas Coffey in 1830 which retains the flavors of ingredients and creates a distinctive texture. The complex, sweet and mellow flavors of this expression will help you rediscover the beauty of a grain whisky.


WhistlePig 15 Year Straight Rye Whiskey

Bottled at 92 proof, this is the first WhistlePig product finished in Vermont estate oak harvested right from the farm. Vermont oak has more rings than the standard oak used in whiskey barrels, and each ring is an opportunity to impart more flavor and depth in the whiskey. On the nose is caramel, vanilla and oak. On the palate is butterscotch and baking spice with a hint of tobacco. The finish is luxuriously long and rich.

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