Angry Orchard’s New Cider+Food App Makes Pairing Fun

Apr. 8, 2019


It’s a fact: Consumers need to eat, and Angry Orchard wants to help make their dining experience more delicious by offering professional advice on cider and food pairings. Through the new “Cider+Food App,” cider lovers will have access to an augmented reality experience that brings delicious food and cider pairings to life.

Angry Orchard has embraced the power of new augmented reality technology with this app, the first of its kind to focus on hard cider and food pairings, providing consumers with tasty recipes ideal for pairing with one of Angry Orchard’s refreshing hard ciders and unlocking new ways for consumers to bring their favorite ciders to the table. The app will focus on the brands core styles, such as Crisp Apple, Rosé, Easy Apple, and Pear. The digital experience will be guided by Angry Orchard’s head cider maker, Ryan Burk.

“Hard cider deserves a place at the table. The unique flavors and high-quality ingredients in our styles complement and enhance the food pairing experience that is most often associated with wine,” said Burk in a recent statement. “Our new Cider+Food App allows us to share some of our favorite pairings, and what we've come to know and love about cider at the table. We're excited to share our passion through this experience and leverage a new platform to encourage drinkers to explore and celebrate cider."

Cider, one of the country’s oldest beverages, has enjoyed a place at consumers’ tables for generations, with enthusiasm for the category continuing to this day. But still, the wide range of cider styles offers even more ways for businesses to market ciders to consumers. Angry Orchard's new app and augmented reality experience allows Angry Orchard to communicate directly with consumers, who can select a cider and enjoy hearing Burk’s invaluable tasting notes, pairings ideas, and recipes ideal for that specific cider. 

Additionally, users will be able to take a 360-degree tour of the apple trees at Angry Orchard's cidery and home for research and development in Walden, New York.

Consumers can download the app for Apple’s iOS for free at and start using it immediately on the company’s core style bottles and cans: Crisp Apple, Rosé, Easy Apple and Pear. The app creates an immersive experience around the cider bottle and can, identifying the style of cider the consumer is drinking and linking the consumer to a cornucopia of useful information. 

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