Brown-Forman, Breakthru Beverage Arizona Link Up with Habitat for Humanity to Help Needy Families

Jun. 14, 2017

Quality housing is hard to come by for many people in this country. In fact, nearly half of American adults struggle to secure quality, affordable housing at some juncture in their lives. And when those people do find a home, depending on their situation, it may come at the cost of cutting life essentials, such as food or healthcare.


Habitat for Humanity, the global housing nonprofit that broke ground more than 40 years ago, believes that everyone should have a decent home to live in, and it shouldn’t come at the expense of one’s own well-being.  


For the 8th consecutive year, Breakthru Beverage Arizona and Brown-Forman have built a generous team of builders to help Habitat for Humanity erect housing for their fellow Arizonians in need of a place to live.


“Habitat for Humanity has been a longtime partner of ours, and we couldn’t be prouder to help them welcome families-in-need into a quality home,” said Gary Lederer, Breakthru Beverage Arizona Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “I want to thank Brown-Forman for again joining our team so that we could build something special together.”


Between Brown-Forman and Breakthru Beverage Arizona, 40 generous associates lent a hand to this great cause, and for that, thank you for all of your hard work in helping address the need for quality housing in our community.


For more information on how you can help Habitat for Humanity, please visit:


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