Viniq Ruby Set to Make Illinois Blush

May 6, 2015

Viniq Ruby 

Introducing Viniq Ruby

The first flavor innovation from the brand responds to consumers’ top ask for new flavors of the shimmery liqueur. Not only will Ruby increase the brand’s billboard on shelves and back bars, the blend of vodka, moscato, and ruby red flavors creates yet another opportunity for consumers to fall in love with the taste and glamor of the brand that according to Gallo’s data, is on point to become the top-selling fruit-based liqueur nationally.

Viniq Ruby cocktail 

Since its release in 2014, Viniq Shimmery Liqueur has shaken-up the spirits industry with its innovative mix of premium vodka, moscato, and fruit flavors, capitalizing on the finer points of the spirit, sparkler, and ready-to-drink categories.

Gallo’s innovation has paid-off: according to IRI 2014 data, Viniq is the top-dollar-generating new spirit item of 2014 (total spirits category). In a recent presentation, Viniq’s Marketing Manager Erin Smith reported that giving consumers the opportunity to taste the shimmery liqueur is essential to the brand’s success. The data agrees: 1 in 4 consumers who sample Viniq (whether at a bar, restaurant, or retail location), purchase the brand.

Once the transaction is made, Viniq continues to provide selling opportunities: the sleek bottle and liquid that shimmers when you shake it has inspired 42,000+ social media users to mention #Viniq in posts that often showcase Viniq’s unique sparkle in complimentary photos. Since its inception, Viniq’s team has worked to introduce the brand to LDA Millennials who are inspired to share the finer points of their lifestyle on their social networks. These efforts have not been made in vain: Gallo reports that Viniq is the supplier’s fastest growing brand on Instagram of their vast family of wines and spirits (including Barefoot Wines and New Amsterdam Vodka) and receives the highest engagement rate of all spirits on the platform.

Product demonstrations are available for your establishment. Contact your Wirtz Beverage Illinois Sales Consultant to order the spirit that is sure to make summer sales ruby red hot.

For Viniq Ruby recipes and more information about the brand, visit Viniq on the web.

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