Launch a Champagne Campaign: 3 Ways to Sell More Bubbly

Oct. 19, 2015

Champagne’s high-end reputation can leave many consumers intimidated and quickly glancing over the “Sparkling” section of your wine list in favor of a more familiar selection. Inspiring your guests to explore and order Champagne takes creativity, training and a strong plan for enticing them to try something new.

Consider incorporating these tips* into your team’s steps of service plan to sell more bubbly.

1.)    Saber the Price

Make your Champagne list half price during weekly brunch hours or off-hours. Be mindful of local laws and/or provisions regarding drink specials as you plan your approach.

Industry Accolade: “I came up with this idea because I love Champagne, and it was really important for me to be able to introduce more people to it and to make it less of an ‘only on special occasions’ wine.” --Laura Maniec (Owner of Corkbuzz Wine Bar and Corkbuzz Wine Studio in New York, NY).

#TaittingerTime Recommendations:

Brut La Française: An Excellent Aperitif 

Prestige Rosé: A lively and fruity fresh take on an evening on the town or brunch-ready bubbly

2.)    Make the Moment Pop

Suggest a glass of Champagne as a way to begin the evening when you first greet a table.

Industry Accolade: “…offer a bottle to every table that is celebrating, and offer a half-bottle to every single diner or deuce as a way to begin the evening. On our list, the addition of numerous half-bottle offerings at different styles and price points has definitely increased the total capture rate.” --Derek Engles (Wine Manager at Lakeside Restaurant at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, NV)

#TaittingerTime Recommendations:

Prélude Grands Crus: Subtle and fresh on the nose, with mineral aromas that quickly give way to notes of elderflowers and spicy cinnamon. 

Brut Millésimé: A classic Champagne with excellent minerality and refined acidity that culminate in a lasting, full-bodied finish.

3.)   Play Match-Maker 

Highlight specific bottles according to the guests’ taste and the occasion

Industry Accolade: “When a guest asks for a recommendation for a wine that will work all the way through the meal, I told the servers and sommeliers to (in most cases) immediately suggest Champagne. Our team learned to get excited about describing the differences in our Champagne offerings just as they would our offerings from any other region that is commonly asked about.” --Cappie Peete (Beverage Director at McCrady's Restaurant in Charleston, SC)

#TaittingerTime Recommendations:

Les Folies de la Marquetterie: An ideal accompaniment to robust dishes such as roasts and fish in sauce.

Nocturne: The perfect accompaniment to fruit desserts or lightly sweet pastry or cakes…or a party.

Get your Champagne Campaign Started with Champagne Taittinger. Contact your Wirtz Beverage Sales Consultant to make it #TaittingerTime at your establishment.

*Tips compiled from Guild Somm’s 2014 article, “Champagne Sales, Trends and Challenges Today

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