Shelf Life: Ciders & Gluten-Free Beers


Shelf Life Cider and Gluten-Free Beer
Hard Cider

Welcome to the second edition of Shelf Life, our series highlighting trending products that are heating up the shelves. This month we’re presenting ciders and gluten-free beers. 


As temperatures rise, consumers naturally gravitate towards lighter beverages. This is cider’s time to shine. According to Nielsen, the cider category was up 7% for off-premise sales in quarter one compared with the year prior. Interest in hard cider continues to rise as consumers respond to the ever-growing number of craft cider providers and the wider variety of flavor profiles, especially the introduction of rosé ciders. 


Health-conscious beer lovers are also seeking gluten-free beers, especially those with dietary restrictions who still want to enjoy a cold one with friends. The market for gluten-free products is projected to grow as much as 10.2% annually with no signs of slowing. 


Contact your Breakthru sales consultant today to capitalize on these sought-after, refreshing and healthful summertime staples. 

 Cider and Gluten-Free Beer in your market

1. Crafted Artisan Meadery Red Raspberry Cyser
2. Stem Off Dry Apple Cider
3. Seattle Cider Basil Mint
4. Gluten-Reduced Uinta West Coast IPA

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