Ginger Is Taking Over Cocktail Culture

Apr. 16, 2019


Truly special cocktails are made with incredible ingredients, and Fever-Tree is releasing a new line of premium ginger mixers that will take even top-shelf spirits to the next level. 

The company that helped reinvent tonic has set its sights on the ginger category and is stepping up with three incredible, bold new drinks: Smoky Ginger Ale, Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, and a light version of its existing flagship, Premium Ginger Ale.

Displaying a devotion to the craft, our friends at Fever-Tree have created this new line of ginger expressions with a unique blend of Fever-Tree's three signature gingers, sourced from Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cochin (India). Consumers are already familiar with Fever-Tree’s epic ginger taste, its freshness, and the delightful aroma of its gingers, and this new line brings the premium qualities needed to perfectly complement a full range of spirits, such as gin, mezcal, vodka, whiskey, rum, brandy, in addition to liqueurs and vermouths.

Fever-Tree USA CEO Charles Gibb said in a recent statement, "Our ginger expressions pair exceptionally well with whisky, as well as other aged spirits, such as Cognac, brandy and rum. These exciting and dynamic spirit categories are enjoying fantastic growth. They deserve the right mixer to complement their diverse flavor profiles, because the craftsmanship of an exceptional spirit deserves the most delicious mixer."

Meet the Ginger Flavors

Anyone who spends time mixing drinks knows that ginger is infinitely versatile, and consumers love its many flavor combinations. This new line extension expands the realm of what ginger can bring to the mix in some unexpected ways. Fever-Tree USA’s Marketing Director, Amanda Stackman, recently expressed her own excitement at the line extension, saying "Fever-Tree revolutionized the tonic category by largely focusing on gin, which accounts for only 6 percent of spirits sales. With dark spirits now accounting for 60 percent of premium sales, we see unlimited potential for our gingers to really have an outsized impact."

First off, the all-new Smoky Ginger Ale incorporates the unmistakable flavors of smoked applewood and subtle citrus, creating a delicate, complex sweetness out of naturally-sourced ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. It is particularly suited to bringing out the rich flavors of whisky and rum.

Fever-Tree’s Spiced Orange Ginger Ale brings in the citrus flavor of cold-pressed South African clementines, mixed with the spicy taste of Sri Lankan steam-distilled cinnamon. This gluten-free beverage is also free of artificial sweeteners and is crafted to pair with the full-bodied flavors found in the finest aged spirits, such as Cognacs and rums, while remaining delightfully refreshing when paired with an apéritif-style liqueur.

Last, the Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale succeeds in reducing the calories of its original predecessor by 47 percent, all without compromising on the classic taste consumers know and love. With a blend of fruit sugars and the same ginger used in the company’s other offerings, Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale delivers on its promise.

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