Breakthru Beverage Virginia Joins SMILE in Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Oct. 4, 2017

Samantha’s story started like most other kids’ tales do, with a childlike lust for life. The Virginia Beach-born kid loved art, music and sports. Samantha’s infectious smile made being around her so fun.


Samantha’s story became unlike that of most other kids right before her 16th birthday. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma — bone cancer. The treatment took the bone out of her right arm, replacing it with a titanium rod. Fortunately, after a year of treatment, she was in remission and back in class.


Samantha graduated high school and enrolled at East Carolina University. Unfortunately, her first few years of school was spent going in and out of remission, and in and out of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. She even lost her leg below the knee.


Nevertheless, Samantha – never losing that infectious smile – pressed on. She wore a prosthetic leg and incredibly walked back onto campus again.


Sadly, Samantha’s story ended in 2009 when the cancer spread to her lungs. She was 20.


The memory of Samantha’s never-ending smile gave birth to a cause that has helped many kids like her. SMILE – Samantha Makes It a Little Easier – started in 2010 with the sole mission to enhance the lives of children impacted by a life-threatening condition. Oftentimes, insurance plans don’t provide the necessary relief that a sick child requires – that’s when SMILE steps in to provide assistance and ensure the best possible quality of life of the child.


The 2017 SMILE Golf Classic, the nonprofit’s inaugural charity golf tournament, is one of the yearly events that helps raise life-saving dollars. This year, Breakthru Beverage Virginia is very proud to serve as tournament sponsor and lend its support to the important work of SMILE.


“SMILE’s mission to providing for children in need is a mission that we are very passionate about supporting,” said Bob Kovalcheck, Breakthru Virginia’s VP of Distilled Spirits. “We’re happy to sponsor the SMILE Golf Classic and help the sick children in our community get the support they need and deserve.”


For more information about SMILE’s services, including how you can help, please visit:

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