What's Next? February 2016

Feb. 12, 2016

Fruit flavors are making a big splash with demanding beer drinkers. These new brews are great news for your bottom line.


Fruit Beer is Ripe for the Market

63% volume growth, 82% revenue growth Y/Y last quarter

55% volume growth, 69% revenue growth Y/Y last year

(source: IRI Data, off-premise)


Constant innovation is key to keeping the fickle affection of craft beer drinkers, and fruit-flavored beers are the next big thing.

“Craft lovers want more variety: 33% of craft drinkers said they would purchase more craft if there were ‘more variety’ (source: Nielsen).”

Bart Watson, BrewersAssociation.orgDiversity Amongst Craft Beer Trends

“Fruited beers are all the rage, ranging from prickly pear to blueberry to kumquats, and more.” 

Loren Green, Paste Magazine, Strange Brew: There’s Fruit In Your Beer

“Grapefruit Sculpin explored a new level of what is now hot in IPA—sweet, intense, juicy fruit flavors. That’s what most IPA-centric breweries are now chasing.”

Jim Vorel, Paste Magazine, Tangerine Showdown

“Sculpin itself is already a highly-acclaimed citrusy, big hoppy IPA, but … with the addition of grapefruit, the sweet, tangy, and bitter sweetness was pushed max level.”

Kristin West, MyrtleBeachOnline, Craft beer drinkers demand evolving tastes and the industry delivers

Not every fruit is sweet. Sour beers are also hitting a sweet spot with consumers.

“Sours are coming on very strong, and IPAs are still big, but people’s tastes are expanding quite a bit, which would explain the uptick in people’s curiosity around sours.” – Joanne Marino, Executive Director, San Francisco Beer Week

Manali Karmarkar, TheBoldItalic.com, Is 2016 The Year Of The Sour Beer?

“Sour beers began to edge their way into the spotlight [in 2015], especially fruit-flavored sours.”

Chris Morris, Fortune.com, Craft Beer Trends to Look Out For in 2016

“Salty ’n sour goses have gone as berserk as bamboo, sprouting up from absence to ubiquity. This year, I noticed brewers were infusing these sour German beers with all manner of tropical fruit. … By partnering an IPA’s citrusy, tropical aromatics with a sour beer’s tart, acidic edge, brewers have created a compelling mishmash.

Joshua M. Bernstein, bonappetit.com, All the Hottest New Beer Trends

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