Tap Into the Darkest Night of the Year


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Winter solstice typically lands between December 20 and December 22 each year. It’s the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. People have celebrated the sun making its way back toward Earth for thousands of years and while today’s festivities are a bit different, it’s still a great time to get together and raise a glass.

“This time of year, we get to experience the special beers of the season—the beers the brewers have envisioned to celebrate with friends and family,” said Therese Rednor, Breakthru Beverage Colorado’s Senior Manager - Beer. 

Take advantage of this special occasion and host a winter solstice party. It’s the darkest night of the year, so highlight your dark beers: stouts, porters, imperial stouts and black IPAs.

“The recipes are as diverse as their names,” Rednor said. “Some beers are rich with chocolate and caramel malts, some are effervescent wheat ales, and all are meant to bring forth festive times and chase away the long night’s chill.”

As far as food and beverage, offer thoughtful pairings alongside the hearty winter fare. For porters, prepare oysters, grilled/roasted/blackened meats, and peanut butter desserts. Meaty stews, barbecued meats, and coffee cake go well with stouts. Imperial stouts pair nicely with roasted meats, stinky cheese, rich chocolate dessert or the old classic—plain vanilla ice cream.

Feature the beers in fun flights going from darkest to lightest–after all, the day is about bringing back the light! Or consider serving beers in something different than the standard glasses like vintage 22 oz. bottles.

Finally, the right decor can help set the mood for the entire party. Think about decorating with following:

  • Lighting is important: candles, string lighting, paper lanterns, bonfire (if applicable)
  • Greenery: garland, wreaths, pine cones
  • Oranges: symbolizes the sun
  • Yule log: burn it (again, if applicable) or use it as decoration

Contact your Breakthru Beverage sales consultant today to make sure you’ve got dark beers in your inventory to celebrate winter solstice!
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