“Do Not Drop” the New Imperial Nectar

Sep. 21, 2018


Moët & Chandon is more than a brand, more than a Champagne. It is a fashion icon, a magnet for groundbreaking visionary artists, and that reputation has made it the embodiment of sophisticated, glamorous celebration for consumers across the country. That reputation was strengthened this month by the revelation of a new design for Moët & Chandon’s Imperial Nectar, courtesy of famed artist and designer Virgil Abloh.

Abloh, recently named artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, has created a new bottle based upon his own personal artistic motifs. The bottle features text in quotation marks, one of Abloh’s signature elements, with the message “Do Not Drop,” which Abloh told Forbes is a play on the role of Champagne in celebration. He told Forbes’ Karla Alindahao, “Champagne, to my mind, is to celebrate an achievement …and to have that embedded in its content in an emotional way. So that’s what came. You know, that’s where the notion of ‘Don’t Drop,’ —like, physically ‘don’t drop and break the bottle’—or ‘don’t break that moment’ came into play.”

According to High Snobiety, this collaboration is the first Alboh has had with an alcohol brand. He told Forbes, “They approached me saying they had an opportunity to work on a special edition of their Champagne and I thought it interesting—so I agreed.” He continues, “For me, Moët is the best in class, you know. It’s an authentic product with an authentic history, you know, all the elements—that usually intrigues me to think of ideas.”

He expanded on the importance of collaborations with the best, telling Michael Saponara of Billboard, "For me, whenever I collaborate, I have an affinity for working with the best to possibly collab with. I would consider the product they make to be this status symbol or epitome of the best. So my signature phrases applied onto the bottle sort of create a dialogue."

Abloh’s designs certainly start a dialogue and have developed a mystique among consumers. This collaboration with Moët & Chandon may be the most affordable and accessible way for fans to own a piece of his art, and it will represent a great opportunity for businesses able to secure bottles of their own. 

At Breakthru, we are thrilled to partner with Moët & Chandon on this offering, and we are excited to see what direction the brand will take next. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about this bottle and the rest of the Moët & Chandon portfolio, and how it can help your business grow.

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