Sunshine and Cervezas: Mexican-Style Lagers

Apr. 26, 2018

Mexican Style Lagers

For many consumers, Cinco de Mayo kicks off a season of outdoor events like camping, beach outings, concerts and cook-outs. Increasingly, Mexican-style lagers are the go-to brew for these events, even after the Cinco sombreros have been stashed away.

Here are three things you need to know about the rising star of the craft beer scene.

Low ABV keeps the party going past Taco Tuesday
Summertime shindigs can start when the sun is high and last long past the sun’s setting. Lighter beers that pair well with seasonal fare are in demand, especially those that help you enjoy the party without fear of becoming the entertainment.

Friends enjoying Mexican-Style Lager “A trend continuing to grow is lower alcohol, pale light body beers,” said Ryan Ferebee, Certified Cicerone and Breakthru Beverage Minnesota Craft Beer Specialist. “We’re seeing more and more Mexican-style lagers available from craft breweries. Typically, these craft version lagers are at 5% alcohol, or slightly under, and no to low perceived bitterness.”

From North of the Equator to South of the Border
The modern Mexican-style lagers we enjoy today originated in the 19th century when immigrants from Germany and Austria brewed the lagers of their home countries in Mexico. The style solidified in 1864 when Austria’s Maximilian I declared himself emperor of Mexico, bringing Vienna lager with him. While the beer was received much better than Maximilian, the brewing style he introduced became the prevalent beer in Mexico at the start of the 20th century.

The Perfect Pair: Mexico and the USA
While the style of brewing solidified in Mexico, many Mexican-style lagers come from the more than 4,000 craft breweries across the United States. Brewers have been adding contemporary and classic Mexican-style offerings to capitalize on the increasing popularity of this light, crisp lager that pairs well with summer staples like burgers and hotdogs off the barbeque and of course, Mexican food.

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