Herradura Ultra is a Clear Win for Tequila Lovers



Right now, Brown-Forman is redefining how we think about tequila expressions with Herradura Ultra, a crystal-clear tequila with the deep, rich, complexity of flavor found in extra añejo. A clear tequila with extra añejo flavor? Come on, it’s everything tequila lovers are looking for. Ultra, until recently only available in Mexico, is the product of some serious tequila sorcery.

To catch this magic tequila moment, Brown-Forman distillers combine Casa Herradura's incredible añejo tequila with premium extra añejo tequila, aged for up to 49 months in American White Oak barrels, and then top the mixture off with a subtle hint of agave nectar before the liquid is filtered through a proprietary process developed by Brown-Forman. The result is a rich, beautifully clear tequila with a full-bodied flavor and smooth taste.

A senior brand manager for Brown-Forman said in a statement that Herradura Ultra "offers a 'Beyond Smoothness' taste to consumers in-the-know who are looking to celebrate with friends in a high-energy setting." Brown-Forman suggests that the best way to enjoy Herradura Ultra is stirred with ice and once chilled, served neat in a shot glass.

Ultra is a unique treat for tequila lovers. Its platinum color belies a rich liquid with subtle notes of cooked agave with hints of caramel, vanilla, wood, honey, dried fruits, and toasted almonds. Ultra has a pleasant, “beyond smoothness” finish, which is as easy on the palate as the color is on the eyes.

Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant to find out how Herradura’s full line can help your business connect with your existing consumers and reach new ones. Why put it off another day?

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