Hennessy VS Partners with Vhils for Very Special LTO

Jul. 30, 2018

Hennessy has a rich tradition of partnering with groundbreaking artists, and that tradition continues in 2018 through a recently announced collaboration with urban artist “Vhils,” also known as Alexandre Farto. Vhils/Farto has designed a new, limited edition, bottle for Hennessy VS, which marks the eighth such artistic partnership for the iconic Cognac brand. Vhils created this year’s bottle in conjunction with his personal artistic motto of “making the invisible visible,” and these bottles will be visible on shelves coast-to-coast beginning in July 2018.

Vhils’ background as an artist, and his upbringing, is decidedly urban. He is sometimes described as an “urban archaeologist,” according to a statement from the company, and first found his inspiration growing up amidst the ever-changing backdrop of Lisbon, Portugal. Vhils started out with graffiti, but quickly moved on to a new form of mixed-media portraiture, which are “cut, composed, chiseled or exploded from built-up layers of paint or paper, stone, wood, steel or concrete and infused with the color and energy of the hip-hop music scene,” according to the statement.

"When I discovered the story behind Hennessy, I realized that this collaboration was a perfect fit with my art and ideals,” Vhils said in a recent statement. “I've been pushing the boundaries for 10 years, but then I realized that Hennessy's been doing it for more than 250!" He added, "Whether it's about exposing the nature of a city or blending a perfect Cognac, for both of us, the essential element is time. You have to wait for it, let it do its job, and then work with the layers time has shaped. There's no speeding up the process and there's always an element of risk-taking."

In crafting the Very Special Limited Edition 2018 bottle, Vhils mined the history of Hennessy and its iconography, incorporating visual hallmarks of the brand, like the Three Star emblem, and created a new take on the beloved Hennessy bottle that is sure to be a hit amongst Cognac lovers.

To mark the occasion of the partnership and to promote the results, Vhils will embark on a worldwide tour with Hennessy to unveil the new V.S Limited Edition bottle to consumers. In addition, he will create immersive new art experiences for visitors to take part in.

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