Diageo Sustainability: Kerala Flood Relief

Sep. 21, 2018


As we have reported previously, sustainability is a major priority for our partners at Diageo. Their “2020 Sustainability Plan” is a wide-ranging, multifaceted roadmap for the spirits giant to move through the coming years with an eye toward ethical business practices which benefit the company, individuals, communities, and our planet. The plan is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to reducing harm and doing good, and we saw another instance of that commitment last month as Diageo India donated 10 million Rupees (approximately $138,000 U.S.) to provide aid and reconstruction in the Kerala area, following massive damage caused in recent flooding. The money went to the Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund, according to a statement from Diageo.

The flooding, which reached levels of destruction previously unseen in the area, was "unprecedented,” according to Diageo, with rains and floods that “have wreaked havoc in the state, claimed hundreds of lives and damaged property and crops, making it one of the worst disasters in the country." Diageo India has previously provided support for similar relief efforts when other natural disasters strike the country, including terrible flooding in the Chennai area in 2015, so the company is well experienced in assisting in these situations. Diageo India's Chief Operating Officer, Mathew Xavier, offered to provide any needed assistance for Kerala in its time of rebuilding. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kerala in this difficult time. Our contribution is a step towards re-building the state," said Xavier.

At Breakthru, we see the work Diageo is doing around the world as an extension of the company’s overall commitment to excellence, and we are proud to partner with them in bringing their premium spirits to businesses throughout North America. 

For more information on what you and your business can do to help those impacted by the historic flooding in Kerala, please visit the Kerala state portal.

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