Environmental Protection Agency Honors Diageo with Environmental Merit Award

Nov. 2, 2018


Our partners at Diageo North America not only produce some of the world’s most popular spirits—Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, CÎROC, Captain Morgan, and others—they are also committed to improving communities worldwide, and part of that commitment is a dedication to protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources. 

Recently, the New England office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Diageo’s exceptional work and commitment to the environment with an Environmental Merit Award. We at Breakthru are grateful for the ongoing opportunity to work with Diageo as they continue this important work.

Each year, the EPA recognizes “outstanding environmental advocates who have made significant contributions toward preserving and protecting natural resources,” according to a statement from Diageo. This year, Diageo North America received the award in recognition of the company’s participation in the EPA's SmartWay program, which helps to improve supply chain sustainability by assisting companies with measuring, benchmarking and improving the efficiency of their freight transportation operations.

SmartWay is one of many avenues Diageo is taking to improve the company’s operations as part of the 2020 Sustainability Plan. The company is currently pursuing strategies toward improving the role of alcohol in society, building thriving communities, and reducing the company’s environmental impact, all while continuing to deliver consumer-favorite spirits brands every day. With SmartWay, Diageo is able to reduce wasted energy, reduce the supply chain’s carbon footprint, and improve the speed and reliability of their production and delivery process. In addition to these positive outcomes, Diageo is also able to demonstrate to today’s environmentally aware consumers that the company shares their values.

In a recent statement from the company, Diageo’s Vice President of Customer Logistics in North America, Gian St. Angelo, said "Diageo is dedicated to reducing the company's environmental impact and one of our goals is to decrease freight-related carbon emissions significantly." He added, "Tracking emissions through the EPA SmartWay program has enabled us to achieve measurable, sustainable, and lasting environmental results."

The company’s involvement win the SmartWay program goes back to 2010, when Diageo enrolled in an effort to reduce freight-related emissions. According to Diageo, the company now utilizes SmartWay-certified carriers for 95% of their ton-miles shipped. In addition, Diageo actively supports and encourages freight carriers to pursue SmartWay certification. The company also says that their ongoing, monthly analysis of their supply chain allows them to pinpoint areas where the program is succeeding as well as where it can be improved, allowing them to continue to reduce carbon impact more quickly and continually. 

According to company data from this monthly reporting, as of 2018, Diageo has decreased its carbon emissions 61% since 2015.

At Breakthru, we are proud to congratulate Diageo on their success with the SmartWay program and their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about your next delivery of Diageo spirits, and share this good news with your customers as they weigh their own purchasing decisions.

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