New Cointreau LTOs Bring Elegance and Style to the Holidays

Dec. 14, 2018


Oranges have long been a source of joy in the winter holiday season, from traditional orange-chocolate treats to the famed college football bowl game to the splash of color the bright citrus fruit brings to snowy days. And of course, the most famous orange of all, Cointreau, has played a role in the delicious holiday cocktails that have warmed winter evenings for decades.


Bottles of Legend

This year, Cointreau has partnered with the creative minds behind the prestigious Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins College to create two specially designed, limited time only bottles that celebrate the beauty of all things orange. Coming just in time for the holiday gifting season, these bottles are inspired by the legendary luxury of the “Jardin des Hespérides” of Greek mythology, located at the edge of the world.

While that backstory may be a bit arcane, the beauty of these bottles will appeal to cocktail-loving consumers looking for a special treat, or the perfect gift, this season. 


Vive L’Orange!

Boris Thuery, Creative Director of the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins, explained the basis of the partnership, saying in a recent statement that the designers were “inspired by the passion found within each bottle of Cointreau,” adding “we created a unique limited edition, inviting the audience to step into the recipe of the spirit itself and to celebrate the magic harmony of the ingredients.”

To experience the harmony of those ingredients, Cointreau has commissioned a signature cocktail recipe, inspired by the new bottles.

80ml Cointreau
200ml Fever Tree light tonic
2 Dashes Angostura orange bitters
2 Orange leaves
0.5ml Orange syrup

Directions: Combine and serve


Art of Glass

The Limited Edition bottles are quite simply works of art. These marvelous creations of glass feature etchings of oranges, ribbed leaves and coiled roots, while the monochromatic orange design allows light to filter into the bottles, producing a warm, amber glow evocative of the iconic spirit itself. Available in two different styles, one white on orange and the other orange on white, the bottles are gorgeous additions to any home cocktail bar.

Inside the bottle, cocktail lovers will find the same beloved spirit that has been a key ingredient in the best cocktails for nearly 170 years, appearing in over 350 different recipes since its creation. 

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