Top 5 Reasons Consumers are Calling for Cans this Summer

Apr. 26, 2018

Most consumers will have a similar packing checklist before exploring the great outdoors:


  • Car is packed up with everyone’s stuff, check.
  • Car is full of gas, check.
  • Everyone has used the bathroom before we leave because we’re not stopping until we get there, check.
  • Cooler packed with our favorite drinks, double check.

Depending on who you ask, that last point may be the most important. As weekend warriors are getting ready to enjoy a drink during their adventures, nobody wants to pull barware out of their bag – consumers want easy-to-pack beverages, and cans are king for a variety of reasons. 


Top 5 Reasons Consumers Love Cans for Summer Travel


Cans are very lightweight. According to Thrillist, the average weight of a six-pack of cans is 5 lbs. A sixer of glass? 7.5 lbs. The difference is going to be felt the bigger the beverage count gets. Additionally, when that head count is high, cans pack and stack easier than bottles. In fact, one is able to pack twice as many cans as you could bottles.


Planning a fun day at the beach, concert, park or pool? Those venues may not allow bottles, as their fragile nature could pose potential injury. Cans are durable, solid and safe for any plans. 


This is one benefit of cans that really makes a positive difference for the environment. According to BevCan, cans are easily recyclable without losing quality, and recycled metals saves 95% of the energy required to produce cans from scratch. This resourceful can is not just important to the environment, it’s important to the biggest buyer of booze – the millennial


Thanks to the hermetic seal, cans are absolutely airtight, preventing oxygen from altering the quality of the liquid. Also, cans offer protection from sunlight that some bottles can’t. 


Definitely the coolest reason why consumers are calling for cans is because they chill down faster than bottles. One reason for this is cans have extremely thin material, with some cans having siding that is no thicker than human hair.


How can you pass up an opportunity to properly stock up for summer fun? Talk to your Breakthru rep about our portfolio of the top can selections. 

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