Hennessy and Breakthru Raise a Glass to Boxer Canelo Álvarez

Sep. 12, 2018


“Never stop, never settle.” That’s the mantra at the heart of Hennessy’s dominance of the U.S. cognac market, and a sentiment shared by history’s greatest boxers. So it’s no wonder that Hennessy has partnered with Saul “Canelo" Álvarez, one of the most dogged and determined boxers in the ring today, to promote the brand among fight fans nationwide. Álvarez and Hennessy kicked off their partnership in May of 2017, in conjunction with a major pay-per-view fight. Now, in the run up to another major bout, Hennessy is touting their connection with the dynamic young talent.


Much like Hennessy, Álvarez’s career is built upon a long, proud family legacy. The youngest of seven brothers, all of them boxers, he became a world champion at age 20, the youngest fighter to ever hold the Light Welterweight title belt. Inside and outside the ring, Alvarez honors his Mexican heritage, saying in a recent video that he no longer fights only for himself, but “for my country.”

Again echoing the story of Hennessy, Álvarez has honed his craft over the years, constantly working to improve throughout his 15 years in the ring. According to Hennessy, “Canelo fully embodies the Hennessy ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ mantra each time he steps into the ring. He pays homage to his roots by never settling. And it is this unrelenting drive, commitment and tenacity that has propelled him to the top—making him an inspiration to the next generation.” Along the way, Álvarez has become a symbol of pride for many Latin American boxing fans, and he provides a strong connection between Hennessy and the ever-growing market of Latinx consumers.

In an exclusive interview with Francisco Romeo at Hombre last year, Hennessy USA Senior Vice President Giles Woodyer said, “Like Hennessy, the Alvarez family lives the mantra of ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ Canelo and Hennessy recognize the importance of community and family in building a successful and enduring legacy.” Woodyer added, “Specifically, the eight-generation relationship between the Hennessy family and Fillioux family of Master Blenders is at the heart of Hennessy’s more than 250-year legacy. We are literally built on family. Similarly, Canelo is the youngest of seven brothers — all of who are professional boxers and support one another in achieving their individual pursuits. Together, they push each other to their fullest potential.”

We are proud to be a part of this incredible relationship at Breakthru, and we look to the example of Hennessy and Álvarez to inspire us to never stop, never settle. Talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant to find out more about how your business can grow along with Hennessy, and how you can capitalize on the electrifying career of Saul “Canelo” Álvarez.

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