The United Division of Breakthru Beverage Group and Diageo Joins Speed Rack in Race to End Breast Cancer

Mar. 29, 2018


In 2011, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero had two worthwhile ideas. One was to figure out a way to throw some much-deserved spotlight on the industry’s standout female bartenders, and the other was to raise money for breast cancer research.


So, they thought, why not do both?


The mix turned into Speed Rack—one of the most unique and influential bartending competitions today.


“Speed Rack began with our goal of raising money for breast cancer research, but it became so much more,” Marrero said. “It’s a platform to promote women’s equality in the hospitality industry and showcase some incredible female talent across the globe.”


Every year, Speed Rack—which holds competitions all over the world—donates about $100,000 to a variety of breast cancer charities.


This year, we are Breakthru Beverage Group, along with our partners at Diageo, are honored to join Speed Rack in supporting their dual mission.


“What Ivy and Lynnette have built with Speed Rack is truly one of the most important competitions going right now in our industry,” said Matt Wind, Vice President, Diageo Business Development, Breakthru Beverage Group. “We’re thrilled to not only support Ivy and Lynnette’s incredible work in breast cancer research, but we are honored to support the next generation of strong, talented women in the spirits industry.”


Diageo’s United Division will be offering four BAR 5-Day Scholarships this year to Speed Rack competitors, totaling $4,000 each, and a portion of proceeds from Jane Walker sales will be donated directly to Speed Rack charities.


“We are so happy to be working with partners that care about finding a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime, as well as helping women and minorities achieve equality in the workplace,” Mix said.


For more information on how you can get involved with Speed Rack, please visit:

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