‘If You Think You Can Make a High-Quality Cocktail with a Second-Rate Mixer, Think Again’

Dec. 6, 2019

advantages of a high-quality mixer


When you’re crafting what you hope will be a cocktail worthy of signature status, you’ll need more than just a top-shelf spirit.

“If you think you can make a high-quality cocktail with a second-rate mixer, think again,” said Natalia Cardenas, Breakthru Beverage Development Manager.

When Cardenas talks about second-rate mixers, she’s not necessarily speaking about specific brands. It’s more about how the mixer is delivered to the drink. A mixer straight from the bottle, Cardenas said, is a better choice than getting your mixer from the gun.

“Bottled mixers have a higher carbonation level than the gun,” Cardenas said. “The bubbles are a natural vehicle for flavor.”

“To truly make a top-quality cocktail, the mixer should be as good as the spirit.”

Cardenas strongly recommends a high-quality mixer such as Q Drinks, which is available for order through Breakthru. To put it simply, to truly make a top-quality cocktail, the mixer should be as good as the spirit.

“There are some tonics out there that are so overly sugared with artificial ingredients that it leads to an unpleasant mouthfeel,” Cardenas said. “Today’s best mixers, like Q, are made with natural ingredients and are less sweet, so the spirit stands out in the cocktail, which is what you want.”

The natural ingredient element plays a big role in why your bar program should be featuring any one of the high-quality mixers available today.

“Health-conscious ingredients are so on trend today,” Cardenas said. “I see guests all the time asking for cocktails with these mixers that feature mindful ingredients, such as ginger, agave or other natural components. There is a serious demand for it.”

Based on this demand, choosing to incorporate high-quality mixers into your bar program is not only a sound business decision, but it will add complexity and identity to your cocktail menu.

Talk to your sales rep about our portfolio of excellent mixers, and contact your local Breakthru Alchemy Room to talk to people like Natalia who can help take your beverage program to the top shelf.

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