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Breakthru Experts Predict 2023’s Beverage Industry Trends

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Jan. 16, 2023

The new year is here and while we cannot predict the future, our experts have an idea of the beverage alcohol trends to emerge in 2023! From pop-up cocktail bars to adaptogenic ingredients, the alcohol industry is more innovative than ever.

Test if your predictions match up with our experts by reading through all of the below trends or jump to the category that interests you the most!


“Over the past year, pop-ups and activity-focused bars have become more popular. Consumers are out and about enjoying alcohol and expecting a full experience while doing so.

Several properties are starting to feature a longer list of classic cocktails accompanied by a smaller list of seasonal or featured cocktails on their menus. Doing so will help to control the amount of new and niche products required to roll out a full seasonal cocktail menu.

Many cocktail menus include a variation of an old fashioned, paloma, mezcal margarita, spicy margarita, and espresso martini.

Numerous experienced beverage hospitality professionals left the industry during the pandemic. Well-regulated batching programs are a way to help control cost, inventory, and ensure that the product going out across the bar is consistent.”

Lisa Selman, CSS, Beverage Development Manager

Fine Wine

“This will be the year of consolidation. We have seen much of it this past year and expect the remaining independent wineries to release announcements of acquisition. Napa will be challenged by supply due to 2023 vintage cycles. Burgundy will suffer similarly in 2023 as the 2021 vintage of white varietals were devastated by frost.”

Daren Cliff, Senior Director of Business Development, ASPECT Fine Wines


“Bottled, full-strength ready-to-serve offerings will drive growth over canned seltzers. Independent producers are positioned to introduce new brands in 2023.

Agave-based spirits show no signs of slowing down. The category digs deeper with sotol, raicilla, and other wild agave-based brands hitting the market. Tequila innovation is thriving with different wood-aged expressions and new flavors. Consumers are more educated than ever due to many tequila brands now focused on transparency in production methods and agave harvesting.

Mezcal branding with a more playful, approachable marketing technique has attracted consumers that have newly entered the tequila category.”

John Oliver, National Trade Marketing Director, Emerging/Craft Brands


“Health and wellness beverages will continue to flourish with adaptogenic ingredients becoming more popular. Additionally, the low to no-alc category is here to stay! There will be little CBD beverage-specific movement occurring considering the FDA regulations are projected to be pushed out until 2024 or 2025.”

Jenna Oppe, Director, Emerging Spirits


“Growth within the beer category will come mostly from flavor innovation. Sugar-free trends within flavor will ramp up as well. It will be fun to watch which brands and flavors resonate with consumers. From a dollar perspective, the industry is forecasted to be up in dollars, but steady to down on volume.”

Chris Morton, Vice President of Beer Sales

“Breweries are jumping into malt-based RTDs that are cocktail-forward. Additionally, lighter beers are making their way back to popularity. IPAs are still a big part of the overall business, but a shift to west coast style IPAs might be coming.”

Ryan Macisaac, Director of Trade Development, Beer