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Ruinart’s Eco-Friendly Innovation: Second Skin

Apr. 12, 2021

Innovation is the lifeblood of the wine and spirits industry, and no company embodies the spirit of innovation better than one of its oldest, Ruinart. The world’s first-established champagne house, and home to the first rosé champagne, is breaking ground again and rewriting the rules for gift packaging with their new “Second Skin” technology. It’s the first of its kind, and not only is it a gift for consumers and businesses, it’s also a gift to the earth.

Unwrapping a present for us all

You already know that consumers today are more concerned than ever before with how their choices affect our environment. They’re always on the lookout for ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly options, and Ruinart is delivering all three with their Second Skin system for gift packaging.

The Second Skin packaging is “a sustainable luxury innovation,” according to the company, made entirely from recycled paper, which preserves the quality of the wine against damage from sunlight while reducing the carbon footprint by 60 percent as compared to traditional gift packages. In addition to all that, the Second Skin packaging preserves and showcases the distinctive profile of the Ruinart bottle, sending a clear message about the incredible bottle waiting to be opened and enjoyed. The packaging also delivers a unique texture, adding visual and tactile depth to the bottle

Good on paper, great on the shelf

Sure, it’s gorgeous and functional, and has a great story, but what does Ruinart’s Second Skin have to offer in terms of sustainability? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

  • Second Skin package is fully recyclable
  • Ruinart has committed to a “zero air freight” policy surrounding this packaging
  • The Forest Stewardship Council certified the Second Skin’s process for wood sustainability

Plus, the Second Skin gift wrap is perfectly tailored to the bottle using 3D mapping and printing technology and finished with precision waterjet cuts to preserve the edges and enhance the unique texture. Second Skin is a luxury that benefits the earth, with a story perfectly suited to the tastes and priorities of modern consumers.

 And as a gift to us all, the Second Skin gift wrapping is now available from Breakthru Beverage. Connect with us to find out more about this earth-friendly and consumer-driven innovation, and let’s get Second Skin onto your shelf.