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Wine’s Biggest Stars are in Alternative Packaging

Alternative Wine Packaging

Jun. 22, 2021

While the classic wine bottle will always be in style, consumers have been embracing, and sometimes even preferring, alternative wine packaging.

Whether your customers are looking for something fun, innovative, eco-friendly, or easy to grab-and-go, there’s alternative wine packaging that fits the bill. Let’s meet the ensemble!

Canned Wines

The star of the cast, canned wine appeals to a variety of customers for its versatility, portability, and value. Equally popular on menus and shelves, in less than a decade, sales of wine in cans have jumped from just $2 million in 2012 to $183.6 million by 2020.* Originally embraced by Millennials wanting portable wine options at social gatherings, the format has found fans in wine drinkers of all demographics.

Tetra Pak Wines

This sustainable supporting player is a reliable hit with eco-conscious consumers. While glass and plastic options are all recyclable, a Tetra carton has five times less carbon impact on the environment than their steel or glass co-stars.** And since Tetra-paks can travel long distances without refrigeration and come in 500ml or 750ml options, these compact and versatile vessels are a real showstopper.

Boxed Wines

Boxed wine is no newcomer to the scene, but innovative winemakers have recast this familiar face as a sleek package for premium wines that combine quality and quantity for blockbuster performance. Consumers looking to stock up on familiar brands embraced the 3L box format in a big way during the events of 2020, leading to a 31% value growth. ††

Your customers are already looking for these products on your shelves and menus. Connect with your rep today to stock up on alternative packaged wines.

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