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Diageo Roundup: Fall 2020

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Nov. 9, 2020

Our friends at Diageo are always busy working on the next big thing, like community outreach programs, creating the next blockbuster innovation, or tapping into the essence of seasonal trends. This season is no different, and we’ve got three breaking stories from Diageo that will give your business new and exciting ways to engage with your customers.

Ad Alert: Celebrating Don Julio, with Don Julio

The man behind the agave, Don Julio González, is an iconic part of the tequila he founded. Diageo is acknowledging González’s vital contributions and vision with a new immersive, global ad campaign which not only pays tribute to González’s devotion to his craft but also likens his dedication to that shown by bar and restaurant workers throughout America who are working hard to keep the industry thriving. The campaign supports efforts from the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation’s COVID relief for the trade community, as well as their ongoing advocacy and support for industry workers.

“We are proud to introduce the ‘A Life Devoted to Tequila Making’ campaign in honor of the incredible yet unconventional legend of our founder Don Julio González as told by the true stars who have helped to share Don Julio with the world – the bartenders,” shared Christina Choi, Senior Vice President of Tequila, Diageo North America. “Don Julio didn’t set out on his tequila-making journey for fame or money, but rather he was devoted to crafting the highest quality tequila to enjoy with friends and family. Our friends and family in the bar and restaurant community are equally devoted, and we owe it to them to show our support, which is why we’re donating an additional $25,000 to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, a valued partner throughout this pandemic.”

Through a series of gorgeous short, cinematic videos, González’s story unfolds, along with his philosophy and dedication to spirits making. The ads are already being shared and promoted across digital formats and social media, and your customers will be encountering them soon (if they haven’t already). Call us today to make sure your business is ready for the increased consumer curiosity and demand.

Bulleit plants the seeds for a better tomorrow

stream flowing through a north american pinewood forest

There’s an old proverb that says a society grows great when we plant trees whose shade we know we shall never sit in. The team at Bulleit Frontier Bourbon is making that proverb a reality through their ongoing partnership with American Forests to plant one million trees over the next five years. The initiative is one more expression of Bulleit’s, and Diageo’s, commitment to sustainability and environmental protections.

“At Bulleit, we believe now more than ever that businesses have a responsibility to our environment, our communities, and our planet,” said Sophie Kelly, Sr. Vice President of Whiskey at Diageo North America. “We’re so excited about our partnership with American Forests, because it allows us to further our commitment to sustainability and help in the fight against climate change by planting these trees, which will provide a variety of environmental benefits for years to come including carbon sequestration, air purification, water conservation, and providing vital wildlife habitat.”

The effort will focus largely on white oak, a species hugely important to whiskey production as well as several other key industries. In addition, the trees planted will help with carbon sequestration, air purification, water conservation, and bolstering eroded wildlife habitat. Call us to find out more about how to leverage this story with your customers, and to make sure you have enough Bulleit on your shelves.

Baileys rolls out the red (velvet) carpet

bottle of baileys red velvet next to red velvet lattes, cupcakes and cakes

Baileys is already a dominant force during the fall and winter months, both at retail and behind the bar, and their latest surprise for this year brings back one of their most successful partnerships and innovations: Red Velvet Baileys, produced with their friends at Georgetown Cupcake. Upon its original release last year, Baileys Red Velvet took home a Double Gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition and wowed consumers coast to coast.

Already a decadent treat, Baileys upped their game with Red Velvet, delivering the aromas of freshly baked red velvet cupcakes, sweet cream and buttery icing that have made Georgetown Cupcake famous among dessert fans. The first sip of Bailey’s Red Velvet tastes like fresh chocolate cake, topped with a dollop of cream cheese frosting and just a hint of cocoa powder, while the finish brings rich chocolate and creamy icing flavors, combining into a delectably indulgent liqueur that dreams are made of.

“Baileys is consistently creating new ways to help our consumers treat themselves and we couldn’t be more excited to bring back Baileys Red Velvet, one of our most beloved flavors, in partnership with Georgetown Cupcake” said Stacey Cunningham, Brand Director of Baileys & Liqueurs, Diageo North America. “Especially in times like these, we hope to bring moments of cheer to people, allowing them to take a break and indulge a little with Baileys.”

To help your customers relax and indulge a bit, call us today to place your order for Baileys Red Velvet, and ask us for more information about how the entire Diageo portfolio can help your business turn this OND into a very happy season for all.