Wilson Daniels’ Secret Sales Weapon: William Davis

Apr. 2, 2019


“I am a resource.” 

That’s how Wilson Daniels’ new Director of Education, William Davis, sees himself and the newly created position he holds at the company. And as a resource, Davis is perfectly positioned to help move the needle for wine sales. 

We sat down recently for a conversation with Davis about his role, his experiences in the industry, and why he sees his job as a sales position.

Humble Beginnings in Hospitality

Born in Texas, Davis spent his formative years in England, before relocating back to the Lone Star State for high school. It was after his return to the states that he entered the hospitality industry, at age 15, working as a busboy at the Dallas Hyatt Regency. 

Davis continued working in hospitality throughout high school and college, during which time he began to learn all about wine and spirits. However, he eventually grew tired of the hours and pace required for success in hospitality and moved to Colorado to pursue new opportunities within the industry on the supplier and distributor side, working as a trainer for a major distributor—Breakthru.

Uncorked Potential

Over the course of his career, Davis has acquired quite the powerful CV. He is a member of the Guild of Sommeliers, has reached the rank of Advanced Sommelier with The Court of Master Sommeliers, is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), and holds Advanced Certification with the Wine and Spirits Education Trust as well as certification in wine and spirits serving. 

According to his bio, Davis “also earned the distinction of two-time regional champion in the Central (2012) and Central-Great Lakes (2013) Top SOMM competition and served as co-host for several years on WineGuysRadio before starting up Terroir Radio to provide mentorship for industry newcomers and veterans alike.”

Eventually, Davis was hired by luxury wine importer Wilson Daniels, where he would go on to land a new position specifically for him: Director of Education. 

Still new to the role, he sees his position ultimately as a sales job. 

“It’s more than just imparting information about a wine or a winemaker,” Davis said. “It’s a sales skill we provide for accounts, for vendors, for associates. ‘How do we make you better sales people?’”

He also acknowledges that his position is dependent on revenue. 

“One thing I noticed with training positions—it’s a sales position,” Davis said. “You always need to be out there selling, and I take responsibility for our luxury offerings.” 

Perfectly Paired

“This position allows us to give another level of information and service,” Davis said. 

Davis brings an incredible value to the table for a variety of businesses through education and enthusiasm, always providing tools to help leverage greater sales. 

“Our winery partners have stories that need to be told,” Davis explained. “It’s important that those stories be shared in a very human form, not just a sell sheet. For us, it’s about building relationships, and having someone who can provide that to our customers at every step of the way.”

Davis is excited for the opportunity he has to work directly with customers and sales teams, and ultimately, Davis is ready to serve as a resource. 

“I’m here to help,” Davis said. “Whether or not it’s a salesperson on the street, a manager, or someone procuring portfolios, how can I make you better? That’s what this role is all about.”

To learn more about the Wilson Daniels portfolio, and how Director of Education William Davis can help grow your business, talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant today. 

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