Ste. Michelle Wine Estates’ Perfect Pairing

Apr. 22, 2019


It’s time to toast to a new partnership between Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and the nation’s largest brand-powered food, lifestyle and entertainment media company, the Meredith Corporation. The two powerhouse brands are joining forces on a new program, driven by artificial intelligence, to automatically classify recipes on Meredith’s website,, according to which of the wines from Ste. Michelle’s diverse portfolio it pairs best with.

A Binary Partnership

The aptly named “” has a reach of 55 million consumers across a wide cross-section of American demographics, and now those users who searching for their next cooking adventure will be able to find the ideal premium wine to complement the meal.

How does it work? A program automatically classifies the recipes on so that an AI-based algorithm can combine the classifications to automatically generate specific wine pairings for each recipe. 

According to a statement from the companies, suggested pairings appear adjacent to the recipes along with information about where and how consumers can purchase the wine. Automated wine and side dish pairings can also appear in interactive meal plans which permit users to customize various elements of the meal based on their personal preferences, according to the statement.


Organic Growth from Inorganic Sources

Given the nature of the partnership, data analytics will be a major factor in its execution, but also a serious value-add for Ste. Michelle and businesses alike.

Jim Mortensen, President and CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, praised the way this partnership will allow for more direct engagement with consumers as well as the ROI it will drive in advertising. 

"This data-driven approach represents a smarter, more impactful, results-oriented form of advertising, allowing us to reach high-value consumers at the point at which their wine purchasing decisions are made," Mortensen said. 

Ste. Michelle will be able to target consumers more easily with information about their wines, giving you a leg up in making premium wine sales.

Be sure to talk to your Breakthru Sales Consultant about Ste. Michelle Wine Estates’ extensive portfolio of premium wines, and how your business can now leverage them for even greater growth.

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