Spring Sippers: Seven Wines to Drink this Season

Mar. 5, 2019

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Hopefully very soon, the flowers will be blooming, the sun will be shining, and the weather will be warming—spring will be upon us!

Nature isn’t the only thing that changes during the spring. Consumers are starting to eat and drink foods and beverages that play better with the changing weather. From grocery stores, to farmer’s markets, to restaurants, the transition to lighter, more refreshing flavors is underway and will continue to spill over well into summer.

With so many wine varietals on the market, it can be overwhelming when selecting that perfect spring sipper. Here’s the scoop on which wines to enjoy this season.


2019 spring wine favorites

spring wines rosé

While rosé is great no matter the season, there are few greater pleasures than sipping a chilled glass of rosé out on a patio when the weather finally breaks while soaking up the sun. Plus, the “fresh” vintage rosés start to land in February and March!

spring wines sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a bit of a paradox. It is a grape that adapts and expresses a variety of terroirs—from France to New Zealand to Napa—and yet it always clearly asserts itself. Sauvignon Blanc is highly recognizable for its bright citrus, herbal notes, and mouthwatering acidity. All these elements combine to make a deliciously refreshing and expressive style of wine.

spring wines pinot grigio

Pinot Grigio is a workhorse of white wines, along with Chardonnay. The reason for this is that these two grape varieties are a little less aromatic, a little more neutral—which makes them extremely versatile. As the weather warms, the transition away from a richer-style oaked Chardonnay to a fresh, unoaked Pinot Grigio makes a lot of sense. Pinot Grigio tends to be very soft on the palate as well, and it doesn’t generally display too much alcohol or acidity.


2019 spring wine adventure

spring wines grüner veltliner

This grape can be made into a variety of styles of dry white wine, but is often found in a bright, fresh, spritzy style that is perfect for the warming weather. Grüner is also a grape that is known for having a pronounced “green” quality to it—similar to celery. This makes it the perfect pairing for spring vegetables—an otherwise difficult pairing.

spring wines zibibbo

Zibibbo is the name for Muscat on the island of Pantelleria, Sicily—not the Muscat you are thinking. While they do make sweet styles here, they also make a dry version that has all the intense white floral aromas one expects from Muscat, but in a refreshing dry white wine. It smells like a stroll through a blossoming orchard on a spring day.

spring wines castelao

Castelao is the most widely-grown red grape in Portugal. It is a bit of a chameleon grape, but at its best it is a patio-sipping red to enjoy slightly chilled out of a tumbler. It’s easy to drink, very fresh and has bright, clean acidity. It’s similar to Barbera—and in its lighter styles, is a good adventure wine for Pinot Noir drinkers.

spring wines cabernet franc

There are many who like to drink rich red wines year-round, which is especially great if you are finally firing up the grill. Cabernet Franc is a parent of Cabernet Sauvignon but tends to have softer tannins and brighter red fruit than the latter. It’s a good way to have a fresher red wine that is still full-bodied enough to stand up to richer foods, especially when grown in warmer climates.

Cabernet Franc is also another varietal that is known for displaying distinct green flavors, often bell pepper or herbal notes, which make it incredibly delicious with grilled vegetables like grilled bell peppers.

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